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How We Do It

Backed by 12+ years of experience and student successes — from our highest scorers to repeat testers — we ensure that you:

  • Start with realistic awareness of your baseline
  • Establish an individualized study plan detailing daily assignments
  • Identify and target your weaknesses; hone your strengths 
  • Integrate and link concepts across the entire spectrum of material
  • Master and retain the most hi-yield content
  • Focus on problem and question-based learning/practice
  • Refine your test-taking and clinical-reasoning skills
  • Schedule and review assessment exams
  • Adapt and prioritize according to your progress
  • Determine the best date for your test

This approach to taking your score to the next level is simple but requires expert finesse, adaptation and coaching/inspiration to see it through amidst intense pressure. Our tutors and student coordinators anticipate your anxiety, discouragement, exhaustion, and aspire to be both your emotional advocates and virtual cheerleader/drill sergeants. By learning how you learn, your goals, timeline, strengths and weaknesses, we plot the path to your maximum score — and remain by your side throughout the marathon.

Your Consult & Getting Started


Our complimentary phone consult is 20-30 minutes long and enables us to start individualizing our services for you from the start — from getting to know your unique circumstances, to matching you with your expert tutor the same day/within 1 business day. Our free phone consultation will include:

  • Reviewing your academic and testing history
  • Your perception of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Your timeline & goal(s)
  • Any concerns or fears you have about your preparation
  • Past experience(s) with tutoring and/or commercial prep courses
  • Personal difficulties (e.g., anxiety) and circumstances that have held you back in the past
  • The expectations and goals we will strive to achieve

After your comprehensive consult, your dedicated student coordinator will carefully match you with an expert medical tutor who has been in your shoes, who scored high on the exams, and who is now armed with our expert training and wisdom. Your tutor will serve as an inspirational partner, coach and teacher in your quest for academic and professional advancement.

About Us

Founded by a now-vascular surgeon and his business partner in 2006, we were the first company to specialize in highly customized one-to-one (1:1) online tutoring for the USMLE and COMLEX. Since our inception, our services have expanded to top-notch tutoring for Medical Coursework, Shelf Exams, and Med School Admissions & Residency Consulting as well.

At the core of Med School Tutors, you will find academic excellence coupled with the best of medicine and business: the power of partnership, of genuine human connection and support; the drive to learn, to achieve and excel; and most importantly, the power of synergy and growth that elevates both parties in 1:1 relationships.

The leadership at MST is comprised of our most experienced medical tutors and business people, many of whom have been with Med School Tutors for more than 5 years! Our leadership teams include our Tutor Development Team, Student Relations Team, Resource Review Committee and more. (See the below "About Us" sections for more info!)

Whether you are in pursuit of the most competitive residency slots, or you're retaking an exam, we have the tools to plot the optimal path to your maximal score. 

Our Tutors

MST tutors are passionate mentors, educators and award-winning medical students, residents and attendings with high scholastic achievements — including USMLE scores of 250+ and COMLEX scores of 650+. Many of our tutors are AOA members, holders of advanced medical degrees — such as MD/PhD, MD/MBA, MD/MPH degrees — and all of our tutors are backed by proven Med School Tutors methodologies.

Every tutor is also matched with their dedicated tutor mentor when they begin working with us. Our tutor mentors have done hundreds (or even thousands!) of hours of tutoring with MST, have established track records of success and leadership — at MST and in their medical careers — and they take great pride in shaping the next generation of medical practitioners.

Our Student Coordinators

Our student coordinators are intimately familiar with the challenges medical students face, the medical education landscape, and the MST methodologies we use to help our students succeed. 

Every student has a dedicated student coordinator by their side from day one through test day.  During the free phone consult, our student coordinators get to know you personally — from your timeline and goals, to their strengths, weaknesses, concerns and long-term hopes.  On the same day/within 1 business day of the consult, they match you with the best tutor for your circumstances.

After helping you establish a relationship with your tutor, your coordinator continue to assist you.  Whether that is updating a credit card, listening to you vent about how your mom continually interrupts your studies with the family cats, or helping you to cope with the mounting anxiety you feel as test day approaches.  They are here and experienced to help — with GIFs, gifts and good lucks.

Our Tutor Mentors & Leaders

The tutor leadership at MST is comprised of our most experienced and passionate medical tutors — many of whom have been with Med School Tutors for more than 5 years! Our tutor leadership teams include our Tutor Development & Mentor Team, Resource Review Committee, Content and more.

Each team is dedicated to supporting our tutors' and students' success — at MST and in their medical careers. Whether our teams specialize in mentorship, learning methodologies, or USMLE & COMLEX trends and resources, they connect all we do to the ultimate goal of excellence and growth for everyone at MST.

Meet some of our Tutor Mentors & Leaders!

Alec Gramann
Caleb Dresser, MD
Dan Good, MD
Eli Freiman, MD
Jacob Schrum
Joseph Hanson, MD, MBA
Kailey Sullivan, DO
Lauren Sinnenberg
Leila Javidi, MD, MPH
Michael McDonald, MD
Nichole Lang, MD
Nicholas Rowan, MD
Rivka Stone, MD, PhD
Sarah Coates, MD
Timothy Dyster, MD
Zachary Zimmerman, MD

We Are All People First

At Med School Tutors, our first company value is "People First." We believe that – before we are doctors or patients, students or tutors – we are all people first, and we are committed to honoring our shared humanity in serving our community of medical students, tutors, and doctors.

Thus, we pledge to provide more than just the highest quality service and products to help you excel. We promise always to treat you, each other and all whom we touch with compassion and respect. We also commit ourselves to standing for and contributing to a world in which people of every race, nationality, religious creed, gender identity and sexual orientation can pursue the education, training and healthcare they need to live full, free and healthy lives.

Together and through our actions as individuals, we can bring more of the best of medicine, business and humanity to the world.