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About Us = About You

Med School Tutors was founded with a singular purpose: to revolutionize the way aspiring physicians (like you!) prep for standardized tests. We were tired of seeing frustrated pre-med and med students having to endure unresponsive videos, endless lectures and mountains of books, just because that's what they were "supposed to do." There had to be a better way, so we made it our business (literally!) to find it.

And we did — by providing you with the exclusive opportunity to work 1:1 via web conferencing with experts and mentors who make your preparation about, well, YOU. Because you are not your lab partner. You are not that guy in the library who has a thing for hats. You are you — not just a student looking to score higher on your next big exam or to make it into an ultra competitive specialty.

By learning your learning style, goals, schedule, strengths and weaknesses, we find the best way to get you those gains. We anticipate your anxiety, discouragement, exhaustion, and aspire to be both your emotional advocate and virtual cheerleader. Because this is how we build better doctors. This is how we change medicine. And this is how we save the world.

How We Do It

We provide the most elite team of medical tutors available. Our sole mission is to ensure that your studies are dynamic, efficient and productive. Our one-to-one approach adapts to your strengths, weaknesses and objectives to yield high scores and greater opportunities. 

The Med School Tutors System will ensure that you:

  • Start with realistic awareness of your baseline
  • Establish an individualized study plan detailing daily assignments
  • Target your weaknesses no matter how much more comfortable your strengths are
  • Integrate and link concepts across the entire spectrum of material
  • Master and retain the most hi-yield content
  • Focus on problem and question-based learning/practice
  • Refine your test-taking and clinical-reasoning skills
  • Schedule and review assessment exams
  • Adapt and prioritize according to your progress
  • Determine the best date for your test

This prescription for taking your score to the next level is simple but requires expert finesse, adaptation and coaching/inspiration to see it through amidst intense pressure. Med School Tutors is ready to help you rise to the occasion.

Getting Started


Our consult process is what enables us to start individualizing our services from the start. During this meeting, we are interested in finding out all relevant background information that will help us help you. Our consultation will include:

  • Your academic and testing history
  • Your perception of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Any concerns or fears you have about your preparation
  • Past experience(s) with tutoring and/or commercial prep courses
  • Personal difficulties (e.g., anxiety) and circumstances that have held you back in the past
  • The expectations and goals we will strive to achieve

After your comprehensive consult, you will be carefully matched with an expert medical tutor who has been in your shoes, who scored high on the exams, and who is now armed with our expert training and wisdom. Your tutor will serve as an inspirational partner, coach and teacher in your quest for academic and professional advancement.

Our Tutor Development Team

Since the early days of MST we have been looking for ways to support our tutors in making sure they are efficient, up to date on resources/learning methodologies and keeping them current on USMLE trends. We also implemented a mentor support system which has proven to be extremely valuable — especially early on in a tutor's career. In the past few years we have been adding smaller positions on PRN but we now have an entire team dedicated to our tutors' success at MST as well as in their professional careers.

Our Tutor Development Team is part of the leadership within MST. While each member has previously played individual roles in training, mentoring and even content creation, they are now also providing training, performance reviews, mentoring and ways for our tutors to continue their own USMLE medical education.

Meet the doctors on our Tutor Development Team:

Christopher Carrubba
Daniel Maselli
David Chapel
Eli Freiman

Nick Rowan
Rivka Stone