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Comprehensive Admissions Advisement

No more med school application woes! We offer:

  • personal statement editing
  • interview prep
  • AMCAS advisement
  • CV refinement
  • secondary application help
  • general guidance for application timing
  • help with program selection & more
Tailored to Your Needs

Our packages are tailored specifically to what you need  whether it's a complete admissions package or just personal statement editing. 


Timing is everything! Whether you apply early or not, the best time to work with an advisor depends on your timeline and how much work needs to be done. We'll help you decide what's right for you. 


You and your tutor will have an initial online session. Subsequent sessions or editing and revisions will be conducted via web conference online, over the phone or via email.

Packages start at $259/hour with package discounts up to 10%. Individual 1.5-hour-long planning sessions are $355.

USMLE Facts, Figures & Evidence

1:1 Student Relationships
Highest Step 1 Score with MST
Highest Step 2 CK Score with MST
Highest Step 3 Score with MST
Students Would Recommend Their Tutor
Hours of Tutoring
Pass Rate
Point-Per-Hour Increase