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There are numerous resources to utilize when studying for the ABP Pediatrics Board Exam. It is important to choose only a few key resources, including a question bank. In this post, we outline the benefits of different Peds question banks to help you choose your best option.

Pediatrics Question Banks and How to Use Them


Resource: PREP 

Each year, PREP releases a new test containing approximately 240 pediatrics boards questions. These questions are only available for three years from their release date and are available for free with an AAP account. These questions are longer and harder than board questions. However, the answers are very detailed, making these questions useful for content review.

How to use it: This resource is most helpful to use throughout your years of residency. Most test takers will use this resource.


Resource: MedStudy

MedStudy is a great question bank. The questions are very similar to pediatrics boards questions, with about 2,000 questions in total. Most of the high-yield peds topics have multiple questions so that you can learn by repetition. The only downside to the MedStudy q-bank is that you are not given a percentile, so you do not know how you compare to other test takers.

How to use it: Most pediatrics board exam takers will use this resource. MedStudy also has a book and flash cards which can be used as a supplement. 


Resource: ABP self-assessment

American Board of Pediatrics self-assessments are available for free through your ABP portal. This practice test is written by the same people who write the board exam (unlike any other resource), so it is particularly useful. ABP provides no explanations to the questions, which is the biggest downside of this resource. While everyone should use ABP self-assessments, many test-takers do not know that it exists.

How to use it: It is helpful to take ABP self-assessments as a practice test close to the exam.


Resource: TrueLearn

TrueLearn is a good supplemental question bank for your pediatrics board exam preparation. This q-bank contains about 1,000 questions. You are given a percentile, which enables you to see how your performance compares to others. They also offer a separate question bank for the in-training exam (ITE).

How to use it: TrueLearn is helpful to use if you need more practice questions after completing MedStudy.


Resource: Pediatrics Board Review

Pediatrics Board Review is often used by test takers who do not pass the pediatrics board exam the first time. It is currently $1495 for a study guide, question books, audio course, online video course, and many other resources. This program has a reputation for good results even amongst those who failed their first attempt.

How to use it: Due to the program's high cost, Pediatrics Board Review is most popular among test-takers who did not pass the exam on the first attempt. 


We hope this post helps you select the best Pediatrics board exam q-bank for your needs! Here are some additional Pediatrics board exam prep resources:

When Should I Start Studying for the Pediatrics Boards?

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