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Seize Your USMLE and Shelf Exams: How to Carpe Test Day
Posted by Alexander Dabrowiecki
To some, "carpe diem" means to live everyday to the fullest, but when you’re a student prepping for the most important exam of your life, it means to give your all on test day.

You’ve studied for weeks, maybe months just to take a given number of blocks, and it is finally time. The advice below is my foolproof plan for how to put your best foot forward and truly seize the day on your test day. (I've even included a quick summary at the end for you.)
USMLE Test-Taking Strategies Part 1: Archetyping
Posted by Alexander Dabrowiecki

Picture this: two students are preparing for Step 1. One decides to only memorize First Aid from cover to cover, while the other student just uses UWorld. In this thought experiment, which student will do better on Step 1?

Undoubtedly, the student who simulates the test as it’s supposed to be – i.e. the one doing UWorld – will be more successful. Obviously this is purely hypothetical, as the perfect combination is a balance between studying material and applying it in question form, but it’s important to appreciate the value that question banks offer during a student’s preparation.

Tutor Spotlight: Alexander Dabrowiecki - Med School Tutors
Posted by Alexander Dabrowiecki

Alex Dabrowiecki is one of our most engaging and enthusiastic medical tutors. A beast when it comes to crushing the USMLEs, he's no stranger to the type of focus and dedication it takes to conquer these exams.

But what Alex has in spades is the ability to help his students both master the content these exams test and use the challenge the USMLEs present to actually better yourself as a physician, not just a standardized test taker. We adore and deeply appreciate Alex's humor, the level of care he brings to his work with his students (and our team!), and his general USMLE and medical badassery. Here's more from the man himself:

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