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Witnessing Unprofessional Behavior During Clerkship Year — What to Do?!
Posted by Christopher Showers

A disturbing question every third year medical student must answer is: What do I do when confronted with unprofessional behavior on the wards? Attending physicians harshly criticizing nurses, chiefs residents referring to patients by derogatory nicknames, interns lying to patients to avoid detaining explanations, all woven into the normative fabric of a day on the wards. 

Wait… You Want Me to Look Away From My USMLE Question?!
Posted by Christopher Showers
Yes! In fact, you’ll convince yourself that looking away from the question is the single most important tactic to answering more questions correctly, moving more quickly through question blocks, and feeling more confident answering questions.

Whether you’re taking Step 1, Step 2 CK, or an NBME Shelf exam, follow me here—I advocate a standardized and repeatable approach to questions, which goes like this:

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