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How To Score a 284 on the USMLE Step 2 CK
Posted by Daniel Good

The USMLE Step 2 CK is the final hurdle before Match, and marks the beginning of the end of medical school. There are different schools of thought on the utility of Step 2 CK. Some people try to use the exam to make up for shortcomings on Step 1, while others decide to delay CK until late in the Fall of 4th year, so their excellent Step 1 score isn’t at risk of be tarnished by a poor performance. I myself just wanted to get the darned thing over with. I wrapped up 3rd year feeling as if rotations had gone very well, so I took 2 weeks off in the middle of July to study, and took the exam thereafter.

Updated: Six Practical Steps to Take After Failing USMLE Step 1
Posted by Daniel Good

*This post was updated July 2019.*  There’s no sugar-coating it — opening your Step 1 score report to find the word “Fail” plastered in that little grey box is an awful feeling. You just spent several weeks studying for one of the most difficult exams you will ever face, endured the 8-hour marathon of exam questions, and spent the weeks anxiously awaiting for your results. Now, you are beyond disappointed. You may be tempted to individually hunt down every NBME question writer and have a Carrie Underwood moment with their cars, or crawl into bed and sleep until you can’t sleep anymore or you die – whichever comes first. Please resist both of these impulses and take the following steps:

The Seemingly-Mythical IMG to US MD Med School Transfer
Posted by Daniel Good

If you visit any med school forum and type “IMG transfer to US medical school,” you’ll find a multitude of threads stretching back over a decade. You’ll find hundreds of opinions regarding the difficulty of the transfer process, necessary credentials, number of spots available every year, and if it’s even possible in the first place. You'll also find that some contributing their two cents “have a friend” who transferred or “know a guy who knows a guy” who went through the process, most of whom are just straight trolling. Reading these forums can quickly make the entire prospect of transferring feel like chasing a mythical creature  or at least it did to me.

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