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How to Succeed Vs. Survive During Third Year of Med School
Posted by David Lerner

Clerkship year can be a challenging time for many reasons – working hours become longer, grades carry more weight, and the burden of disease on patients and family comes into clearer focus. It may seem like a daunting task to balance patient care, clerkship grades, and one’s own well-being, but here are some tips to move from surviving to thriving during clerkship year:

Reasoning Through Multi-Step USMLE & Shelf Exam Questions
Posted by David Lerner
USMLE and Shelf exam questions that involve two or three steps can be challenging. They often require reading a convoluted clinical anecdote before reasoning through several steps to arrive at the correct answer choice. While these questions may seem daunting, you can utilize a consistent approach that will simplify the process of answering these difficult questions.

Step 1: Break it Down

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