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How to Get the Most out of UWorld Questions for the USMLE
Posted by Dr. Raymond Beyda

Why should you bother studying all of these UWorld questions for your respective Step exams? I mean there are literally thousands of them; multiple iterations on the same list of topics that you need to master! What’s the point?

After all, these are literally thousands of questions you will NOT see on your own respective Step exam. That’s scary!

Also, it seems like there are an infinite number of topics that need to be memorized and categorized into arbitrary lists and tables.

So how do you take something that seems endless and use a learning tool like UWorld to make sense of it all?

Rebounding From a Low Shelf Exam Score
Posted by Dr. Raymond Beyda
It happens all the time. You did really well during your first two years (or year and a half) of medical school and practically dominated Step 1. But now, you're having trouble with your first few clinical rotations, and in particular, your first few NBME shelf exams.

"What do you mean, 'What is the best next step in management?' They all look like something I would do in real life!" 

Sound familiar?

You find yourself going from being tested on random factoids related to the basic sciences to answering more real life (albeit somewhat ideal) clinical scenarios. And then you get your first or even second score on your Shelf exam and it was not as good as you had hoped. But what about Step 2 CK? If you did this poorly, barely scraping by with a pass, you are bound to bomb Step 2 CK on your big test day... right??!?

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