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ERAS 2021 Virtual Summit: Matching into Residency During COVID-19
Posted by Eli Freiman

Update 07/23/20: In case you missed it, or are in need of a refresh, here is our full recording of our ERAS 2021 Summit — and for more videos, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel here

Hello everyone! By way of introduction, I’m Dr. Eli Freiman. I’m a Board-certified pediatrician, teaching-award winning Pediatric Emergency Medicine fellow at Harvard Medical School/Boston Children’s Hospital, and I’ve served as a senior residency consultant and USMLE tutor for Med School Tutors since 2014.

Mastering the “BIG 3” USMLE Step 1 Topics: Biochem, Micro & Pharm
Posted by Eli Freiman
If you've ever asked yourself, "How the heck am I ever going to learn Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Microbiology???" you're not alone.

As a long-term tutor with Med School Tutors I can say with certainty that no two students I’ve worked with are exactly alike. However, every student has shared one thing in common: A distinct aversion to the same Step 1 topics.

These topics — which I’ve since dubbed the “BIG 3” — include pharmacology, biochemistry, and microbiology.

The BIG 3 are the cause of repeated hours of stress, much hair being pulled out, and students simply throwing their hands up in the air saying, “I just can’t do this!”
Watch Your Step: 3 Common Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make on the USMLE Step 1
Posted by Eli Freiman
Your Step exam is just around the corner and you're looking to squeeze as many points out of that test as possible. What else can you do to crush your exam?

With an exam that rewards good test taking skills as much as a good knowledge base, avoiding common mistakes when it comes to answering questions is an absolute must, and can mean the difference between a good and a more competitive score.

So, here are three of the most common and easily-fixable mistakes veteran students still make that can help you win back key points on test day!
Get the Strongest Start for Your Dedicated USMLE Step 1 Study Period
Posted by Eli Freiman
I remember the time, about halfway through my second year of medical school, when all I could focus on was Step 1 looming over me.

It felt like my entire academic career had been building towards this point. I was at a loss for how to appropriately prepare for it. Not just the studying, but also how I should structure my days. I didn’t know how long to study for, what materials to use, or the order I should tackle subjects.

Now, as I look forward to starting my residency in only a couple weeks, I’ve been reflecting on my medical school career and the paths I’ve taken to success. I truly believe that how I prepared for my dedicated study period put me ahead of other students and on the right track to crushing Step 1.

“Wait, Eli, you’re telling me that we should PLAN our dedicated study period before it even begins?”

YES. That’s exactly what I’m saying.

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