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Virtual Interview Tips from the MST ERAS 2021 Summit
Posted by Faith Meyer Yeung

In the Med School Tutors ERAS 2021 Summit, we covered a lot of ground, and in particular, we focused on how you can set yourself up for success on your virtual interviews from a technical standpoint.

If you missed the summit, or are looking for a recap, you're in luck! We've summarized some of the major points from the Virtual Interview segment and also have included the summit recording for you (skip ahead to 01:22:00 for the Virtual Interview portion).

Let's dive in!

(MedEd)itorial: Living (and Breathing) with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia — Part 2
Posted by Faith Meyer Yeung

In my previous post, I shared how my pulmonologist changed my whole perspective on my condition, Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia, with a simple statement. While my PCD didn’t magically disappear, it truly felt like a moment of healing.

(MedEd)itorial: Living (and Breathing) with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia — Part 1
Posted by Faith Meyer Yeung

I was born with a special set of lungs. So special that I often find myself educating my doctors about what I have during my initial consults with new physicians, which inevitably brings the academic sparkle into their eyes. (Go figure it's also commonly tested on the USMLE Step 1.)

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