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MCAT Physics Review: Position and Velocity Versus Time Breakdown
Posted by Jeffrey Abrams
Position versus time or velocity versus time graphs are a core topic taught in just about all classical mechanics physics courses. In addition, it’s a topic likely to be seen on the MCAT.

Questions on position or velocity versus time graphs often trip students up. In this post, I've broken down a consistent approach you can take when tackling these problems so you can turn them into free points.

Which MCAT Practice Tests Hone Your Skills The Best?
Posted by Jeffrey Abrams
Even for students starting off with high scores, taking practice tests is an essential step in preparing for your exam. However, it can be difficult to figure out which assessments are the best options and how to go about using them.

When I was studying for the MCAT, I would take a weekly full length where I would go through the exact same routine that I intended to implement on test day (i.e. I woke up at the same time, ate the same foods, etc.).

When I actually took my real exam, it almost felt like I was taking another practice test, and I attribute this to my taking practice exams under “real exam” conditions. After a certain point, the practice tests may not have been increasing my peak potential score, but they were increasing the probability of my achieving this peak.

So while frequent “real condition” practice tests can be harder to take as often on the new MCAT test due to the increase in the exam's length, it is still something that should be done at least 3-4 times prior to your actual test day. Here are some pointers on maximizing the different assessments that are available:
Practice MCAT Questions: Equilibrium Constant K vs. Rate Constant k
Posted by Jeffrey Abrams

Many of my students tend to get tripped up on the difference between the rate constant k in kinetics and the equilibrium constant K. They're both big topics in the chemistry section of the MCAT, so it's important to have mastered the difference between the two.

As such, I've created a few practice MCAT problems for you here, and will walk you through the solutions for each. Let's do this.

The MCAT2015: It's Relevant and Reflects the Changing Medical Environment
Posted by Jeffrey Abrams
“What does this have to do with being a doctor?” 

“How will knowing this help me treat patients in the future?” 

“Will I ever use any of these things in medical school?”

Prior to the last administration of the “old” MCAT exam, students studying for the test raised these types of questions. And they were all too often fair questions.

But how does one really assess the relevancy of a standardized test? 

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