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What to Expect at the Beginning of Medical School
Posted by Jeffrey Hyzer

So you are finally a first year medical student (MS1). Congratulations! You have been selected amongst many excellent applicants to have the rare privilege of learning to care for patients as a physician. With this in mind, the first year of medical school can be overwhelming and there are a few things you might expect but others may come as a surprise. What follows is a list of some of the things that I believe medical students should be prepared to encounter during the first year. 

Clinical Rotations: 5 Tips to Succeed & Find Meaning
Posted by Jeffrey Hyzer

As medical students, we have spent our entire lives learning new information, and we are good at it! Now, however, our job is more practical, and we are not sure where to place all this knowledge. Trial and error of course lead to improved clinical experiences on rotations; however, I wish I had been told the following when starting out on my clinical rotations. These are some common themes and anecdotes I have gathered from a variety colleagues, residents, and attendings about finding meaning during clinical rotations. These suggestions are specifically for those rotations with a significant inpatient component (ie Internal Medicine)

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