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How to Approach the New Supplemental ERAS Application
Posted by Sarah Godfrey

You’ve been working on ERAS all summer, and you’re finally ready to submit in September. But now there is this new supplemental application to do as well. Since the supplemental ERAS application is brand new this year, it is hard to know how to approach it in a way that helps your overall application.

Amidst COVID, virtual interviews, and changing timelines, this is definitely an overwhelming application cycle. But don’t worry! Here is a general guideline to use this new requirement to make your application shine. 

ERAS 2022 Virtual Summit: Navigating The Post-COVID Match
Posted by Sarah Godfrey

Hello everyone! My name is Dr. Sarah Godfrey, and I am a PGY-4 Internal Medicine resident, and I’ve served as a senior residency consultant and USMLE tutor for Med School Tutors since 2015. I'm thrilled to be hosting our upcoming ERAS 2022 Virtual Summit, which we've tailored to address the greatest challenges students are facing during this year's application and Match cycle.

How to Use Your ITE Score Report
Posted by Sarah Godfrey

Depending on your residency program, you may take the in-training exam (ITE) anywhere from one to three times during your training. The ITE is always given in August or September, and the results usually come back in October or November. What's in your ITE score report and what should you do with it?

When Should I Start Studying for the ABIM Internal Medicine Boards?
Posted by Sarah Godfrey

When should you start studying for the Internal Medicine Boards?

The easy answer is that it is never too early to start. However, how you are studying will change depending on your stage in residency and how you have performed on standardized tests in the past.

Applying to Residency: Emailing Residency Programs
Posted by Sarah Godfrey

So, you’ve gone for your interview at a residency program. Now what?

Many applicants struggle with when to contact a program after the interview day. Should you send a thank you to every program? Only the ones you are ranking highly? Should you send a hand-written letter or an email? While there are no clear rules for post-interview contact, there are some basic guidelines that you should follow.

Should I Start Studying for USMLE Step 1 at the Beginning of Med School? Yes and No
Posted by Sarah Godfrey

I remember how many questions I had before starting my first year of medical school. What specialty would I go into? Would I enjoy the practice of medicine? How was I possibly going to learn all of the material? The first year involves a lot of trial and error in trying to figure out your learning style in an educational environment that is very different from undergraduate classes. Knowing how important Step 1 is and how much you need to learn before then, should you start studying from the beginning?

How I Scored a 258 on USMLE Step 3 While Figuring Out How to Be an Intern
Posted by Sarah Godfrey

By now, you’ve probably heard from everyone around you how challenging your intern year is going to be. Learning how to put in orders, dose medications, stay awake for 27 hours at a time, and just how to function when working 80 hours a week is a steep learning curve. So how are you supposed to study for another Step exam at the same time? Believe me, it can absolutely be done! You just might need to be more proactive in planning out your study time in advance.

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