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How to Combat Toxic Behavior in Medicine
Posted by Victor Kondray

It does not take much research to find out how difficult a job medicine can be. Articles on Medscape, Doximity, and KevinMD frequently discuss the stress that doctors go through taking care of a multitude of sick patients and facing countless difficult decisions on a daily basis.

In addition, physicians are often at the whim of frequent administrative policy changes and yet, in order to remain within best practice guidelines, are expected to adhere. Hospital administrators constantly push physicians to produce as many relative value units (RVUs) as possible or face salary cuts.

Finally, many of these stresses leave out the very human and personal issues doctors may be going through in their own lives, such as familial or personal emotional anxieties.

How to Improve Your Working Memory for Greater Study Gains in Med School
Posted by Victor Kondray

Med school presents a lot of challenges when it comes to learning new information. More than ever, you’re expected to stuff all this information into your brain and somehow keep it all in there. The whole experience makes you feel like your head is too small to keep it all in (and my brothers used to make fun of me for having a big head). At some point, I felt like my memory was an hourglass; the more I studied, the more stuff would slip my mind.

The Psychology of Physician Burnout
Posted by Victor Kondray

Physician Burnout: The Common Problem

How to Change Financial Education in Med School
Posted by Victor Kondray

Lots of Dollars, Not Much Sense

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