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Hello everyone! My name is Dr. Sarah Godfrey, and I am a PGY-4 Internal Medicine resident, and I’ve served as a senior residency consultant and USMLE tutor for Med School Tutors since 2015. I'm thrilled to be hosting our upcoming ERAS 2022 Virtual Summit, which we've tailored to address the greatest challenges students are facing during this year's application and Match cycle.

Similar to our summit last year, we're focusing on the most pressing questions and uncertainties that are part of applying for the 2022 Match. With so much in flux, our goal is to provide you with concrete guidance and practical steps you can take to present yourself at your best.
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What's more, the residency consultants who will be speaking in our summit are those who have extensive experience not only with helping students through the residency application process, but specifically those who have helped students be successful during the pandemic.

Here's the preliminary agenda for MST’s ERAS 2022 Summit on Saturday, July 24th, 2021

  • What to do and when during the application timeline
  • Planning out your Sub-Is and obtaining strong letters of recommendation from faculty
  • Developing a strong personal statement narrative
  • Addressing red flags on your application, especially if the timing of your USMLEs was affected
  • Where to apply (e.g., how many to apply, double applying, categorical vs. prelim/transitional)
  • Prepping for both virtual and in-person interviews
  • Reviewing the Rank List/SOAP Process
  • Live Q&A portions at the end of each segment

In addition, we'll be taking the questions you submit when you register for this summit and building out additional sections to address these questions, such as:

We'll be raffling off free residency consulting hours to students who attend our summit, and we’ll share our Match statistics from the past few ERAS and NRMP cycles. With over 15 years of successful student matches — for US MD & DO students, as well as IMGs and FMGs — we remain deeply invested in our students' success, and are excited to bring our experience and insights to you live in this year's summit.

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I invite you to post your questions below in the Comments section, and to be sure to join us LIVE on July 24th for an event that we guarantee will put you well on your way to a successful 2021 Match!

All my best,

Sarah Godfrey


In the interim, here is our full recording of our ERAS 2021 Summit — and for more videos, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel here


Sarah Godfrey

Sarah Godfrey

Sarah is a dedicated and encouraging tutor who has extensive experience in medical education, including her Shelf exam and Step 2 CK tutoring at MST, serving as the teaching assistant for a preclinical physical diagnosis course, and developing her own online public health curriculum now utilized by all clinical students at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. She is flexible, accommodating, and creative in her approach to meet each student's individual needs, as she learned during her own Step studying how challenging it can be for students from a non-science background. Sarah loves developing relationships with her students and guiding them to achieve their personal goals. Her favorite part of teaching is seeing students gain self-confidence, as well as clinical knowledge, during their test preparation. She particularly loves working with students who have struggled in medical school and helping them to overcome those challenges. Working with Sarah, you will receive a detailed and customized study schedule that is tailored to your strengths, weaknesses, and goals. She will help you to find the best resources for your specific needs and help you to study them most efficiently and effectively. In her tutoring sessions, Sarah incorporates both intense content review and detailed test-taking strategies to help you improve your fund of knowledge and clinical reasoning skills. Throughout the process, you'll be sure to appreciate Sarah's warmth and understanding as she cheers you on to achieve your personal best!
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