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Neuro/Psych drugs! Here are some mnemonics to help get a handle on a few of the 217 drugs you need to know—particularly for your USMLE.

So, you can’t remember which drugs can be used to treat Alzheimer’s disease? How fitting! Be honest with yourself and your peers, and tell them: 

“I DonTactually remember.”

Don = Donepezil, an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.
Tac = Tacrine, a sadly discontinued acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.

Now, let’s say a patient of yours is suffering some spasms. You probably want him to be able to relax. 

He would be way better off if he were at home, Back Loafin’ around.

Yes, of course! Baclofen, used to treat spasms, and, like many “relaxing” drugs, does so via GABA agnoism.

Maybe you are feeling a bit manic from all this studying. When your mood is labile, you need a MOOD STABILIZER.

And what could be more mood-stabilizing than sitting down in the grass, and searching for a 4-leaf CLOVer.

We use the first 4 letters in CLOVer and end up with:

Lamotrigine & Lithium
Valproic Acid

OK! Last one...like any good [student] doctor, you are employing the technique of motivational interviewing to assess whether your patient is ready to quit smoking.

He is willing to admit that smoking is Very Bad and he will try a medication to quit.

You can recommend:

Varenicline or Bupropion

And anytime we talk about bupropion, we can’t help but think of “that other psych medication that begins with B…  

BUSPIRONE! Recall its indication...used in the treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. 

What do most people go to when they need to quell some anxiety? They need Booze(pirone).

Both booze and boozpirone will take the edge off. We can even get fancy and use its trade name, Buspar. No better place to get that booze than down at the BoozeBar….

Go get smart!

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Brian Radvansky

Brian Radvansky

Brian believes that excellence comes from never taking "no" for an answer, and putting as much work into organizing one's studying as into studying itself. After producing an incredibly average MCAT score, he decided he was going to quadruple his efforts in preparing for Step 1. His greatest successes have brought students who were going to drop out of medicine altogether for fear of not matching to matching into their specialties of choice. He reminds students the importance of performing well on a single test, or even learning how to sell themselves can make an extreme difference in their futures. Students can rely on Brian to hold them accountable and make sure that they don't sabotage themselves with excuses. He can help them to totally reevaluate their approach to USMLE questions in a methodical, protocolized way that ultimately leads to more correct answers and a higher score. With his help, you will trim the excesses, and put all of your collective efforts into only the work that will improve your score. Through his residency admissions consulting, Brian has consistently revamped students applications by helping them to highlight their best (and sometimes hidden) characteristics, and get them to match into the programs they had ranked number one. He can help you to master your personal statement, and craft the story as to why your program of choice needs to have you as a resident. Brian will help you find that all too difficult balance of being proud of and selling your accomplishments, without coming forth as someone who is merely checking boxes to bolster their application.
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