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See how thousands of med school students achieved their best results studying 1:1 with our elite tutors.

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Coming off of My First Cadaver's  Episode 6: My First Big Mistake,  is our "first" audio exclusive.

Two of our tutors, Dr. Michael Coords and Jennifer Li, and Dr. Pranay Sinha provide some idiot-proofing tips for med students, third year, how to set yourself up for success in the OR on your general surgery clerkship, intern year and beyond.

We all make mistakes. But don't make another by NOT clicking below.

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Med School Tutors

Med School Tutors

Founded in 2006 by a now vascular surgeon and his business partner, Med School Tutors (MST) was the first organization to specialize in personalized one-on-one (1:1) USMLE and COMLEX tutoring. Our driving purpose from the start has been to provide unparalleled 1:1 tutoring and longitudinal support for our students and tutors, from pre-med through residency, and therefore optimizing each individual's performance, results and long term success. Med School Tutors is a Blueprint Test Prep company.
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