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High-Yield Subjects for the ABIM Internal Medicine Exam

Taking the ABIM exam may seem like a daunting task to conquer, as internal medicine encompasses a vast array of specialties. It is important when taking the exam, like any other exam, to try and get into the mindset of the test writer. If I were writing the ABIM exam, what would I want my board-certified internist to know? What should I be competent in? Answering these questions may provide some insight into what is high-yield and what is not worth focusing on, especially if pressed for time.

Everything You Need to Know About the ABIM Internal Medicine Exam
Med School Tutors by Med School Tutors on Oct 27, 2020 in ABIM

If you're a busy resident planning to take your ABIM internal medicine board certification exam, we've compiled this essential ABIM certification information just for you:

What is the ABIM Exam?

UWorld vs MKSAP for ABIM Preparation
Dr. Andrew Scheinberg by Dr. Andrew Scheinberg on Sep 30, 2020 in ABIM

So your Internal Medicine Boards are fast approaching and you're wondering how should I prepare? Do I just do a question bank, MKSAP, or UWorld? Do I read a book? Where do I begin?

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