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Top Study Tips for Your First Semester of Medical School

The first semester of medical school can be very overwhelming. Many students who achieved high grades in high school or college may struggle to find the same success in medical school due to the sheer volume of material. The following tips can help you to successfully navigate the first semester of medical school.

Well-Being & Academic Skills in Medical School: Part 1

The pursuit of a healthy work/life balance in medical school can seem like an impossible goal. Many of us are torn between juggling heavy workloads, academic studies, managing relationship/family responsibilities, and squeezing in outside interests. More than one in four Americans describe themselves as “super stressed.” That’s not balanced—or healthy.

Rest Assured: Studies Show Sleep Affects Learning in Medical School
We spend all of our lives learning, but a lot of   measured learning  comes in the form of studying; whether that’s in school, university, or in med school. Being able to retain this information is vital to progress as a student.

When reaching adulthood, there can regularly be new nuggets of information that you are required to remember, which is typically in the workplace or perhaps as a parent.

USMLE Step 1 Question Breakdown (Cough. Cough.)

Back by popular demand - USMLE Step 1 Question Breakdown. A tricky question and a stepwise approach to get you not only to the right answer, but smarter along the way. Break it down now!

Learn Your Learning Style to Maximize Your Med School Study Power

I remember the pure joy of realizing I could now pursue my dream of becoming a doctor, the acceptance phone call I got from the dean of admissions followed by the excitement of telling my friends and family. But as my school start date crept towards me, anxious thoughts started to swirl in my mind. How would I possibly learn the sheer volume of material that I would soon face? I asked this question to a few people on the interview trail, and still recall what one wise, grizzled 4th year shared with me, "Medical school is not any harder than the courses you took in college, in fact in many ways the material is easier -- physics, organic chemistry, and on -- you won’t encounter any subject close to that difficult in class. The hardest part is the volume. It really does feel sometimes like ‘drinking from a fire hose."

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