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What You Really Need to Know About Being an International Medical Graduate

I am a proud graduate of St. George’s University, a medical school located on the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada. My experience living in this tropical island paradise for two years was completely life-changing and it will always be a time in my life that I look back on fondly over the years.

However, prior to my acceptance to an international medical school, I was quite apprehensive about attending after reading all of the “horror stories” posted in online medical student forums. There are quite a few nasty things said about students who choose to go abroad for medical school, and it seems that this stigma alone is enough to keep many students from even considering an application.

As someone who has actually been through an international med school program (as opposed to many of the online naysayers who are simply repeating rumors), I am here to answer some commonly asked questions and dispel a few myths about IMGs so that we can all be as informed as possible!

How to Succeed in Med School: Tips for New Med Students

First, congratulations on your achievement! Being accepted to medical school is a challenge, and becoming the physician you’d like to be is an even bigger, lifelong one. Below are some tips to help guide you through the beginning of this exciting time. 

What to Expect When You're Expecting a Med Student: A Parent's Guide

Congratulations! Your child has made an incredible, awe-inspiring decision to pursue their medical degree. The path to their MD, DO, PhD and more is longer and windier than most would expect from the outset.

Have no fear: We have lived and breathed medical education for 14 years now, working with countless students and parents in the process. We're here to help paint the picture for you of what you can expect, and how you can support your child in the process.

Settle in, get comfortable, feel free to take notes, and if you don't have a ton of time now, bookmark this page in your browser so you can refer to it as needed (or PRN, as we say in medicine) going forward.

USMLE Tutors Forum — Powered by Med School Tutors

A core part of our purpose at Med School Tutors is to bring free, helpful, and proven guidance and information to as many students as possible. Now, in addition to our blog, webinars, social channels and more, we've launched our USMLE Tutors Forum!

Since our blog's inception, we've answered students' questions via their comments on our blog, and that got us thinking: There had to be a better way to help students get access to our tutors' expert advice for free. Et voila! The USMLE Tutors Forum was born.

How to Change Financial Education in Med School

Lots of Dollars, Not Much Sense

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