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Practicing Medicine: Crises and Emergencies Will Find You

It was proceeding like any other case. Sure, it was billed to be “technically difficult,” but that didn’t mean too much more to us, the anesthesia team, other than to prepare for “surgical difficulties” along the way.

Reconsidering a Career in Medicine

It takes some courage to reconsider a major life decision made long ago but for some of us it is a necessity. Many chose a career in medicine from a very young age -- sometimes childhood. As passionate as this may seem, it also begs the questions: “How thoughtful was this decision?” and “Have I changed as a person since this decision was made?”

Choosing a Medical Specialty: Science vs Everyday Work

Do I need to love the medical science or the work when I pick a specialty? Which matters more?

The Psychology of Physician Burnout

Physician Burnout: The Common Problem

Doctors on Social Media: Your Indelible Digital Footprints

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