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Spot the Difference: MD vs. DO

Justine Falcone and Patrick Curtin contributed to this post. 

When under the care of a physician, receiving treatment in the ER, or establishing care with a PCP, most people don't ask the physician what degree they have. In fact, many non-medical people and patients are entirely unaware that in the US there are two different medical degrees, MD and DO, and two different paths to becoming a physician. Here are the major differences (and similarities!) between the MD and DO degrees.

MST's COMLEX OMM Cheat Sheet: The Highest of Yields
Ryan Kelsch by Ryan Kelsch on May 1, 2019 in COMLEX, Osteopathy, High Yield

As an osteopathic tutor at Med School Tutors, I have had a ton of experience with students preparing for the COMLEX. Through my own testing experience and the experiences of my students, certain examination topics have come up so many times that I tend to refer to them as “COMLEX canon”. This canon of core topics is broad, but unique to the COMLEX among the topics is OMM.

Do I Need a COMLEX QBank? (a.k.a. Is UWorld Enough?)

In short, yes. The COMLEX is different enough from the USMLE in enough ways that a dedicated question bank (QBank) is necessary.

Here are a few reasons you need an extra QBank when studying for any level of the COMLEX:

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