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Essential Pre-Med Extracurriculars

As you get closer to applying to medical school, you may wonder if you have enough on your application to be competitive. While the most important parts of your application will always be your GPA and MCAT score, below is a list of some important extracurricular activities for your AMCAS.

Which Medical Schools Should I Apply To? Narrowing Down Your Options

Dr. Lauryn Falcone and Dr. Taylor Purvis contributed to this post. 

Applying to medical school can be an expensive and overwhelming process. With so many types of medical schools (MD, DO, state schools, private schools), how do you start to narrow down your options?

In order to make the process as straightforward and affordable as possible, it is important to consider where you will apply to medical school at the start of the application cycle. The following tips can help you get started with this process.

What Are My Options If I Get a Low MCAT Score?
Kevin Wang by Kevin Wang on May 25, 2021 in MCAT, Pre-Med

First, the good news:  You can’t actually fail the MCAT. You might have received a very low score, but the MCAT score report does not include a “pass/fail” designation. Still, one of the most helpless feelings a student applying to medical school can experience is bombing the MCAT—there’s no doubt about that. After months of hard work, you may feel like you’ve lost any chance at getting into medical school.

Although it is true that a low MCAT score will negatively impact your application, there are still many things you can do to make sure you can still be a competitive applicant. The first thing you should consider is if you really “failed” the MCAT.

How To Go From a 500 to a 520 on the MCAT
Med School Tutors by Med School Tutors on May 11, 2021 in MCAT, Pre-Med

We've worked with countless students for the MCAT for more than a decade, and through the years — and the changes to the exam — we've had front row seats to the techniques and approaches that yield the greatest score increases.

Here are the top 5 things you can do to get a 520 on the MCAT: 

When Should I Start Studying for the MCAT?
Kevin Wang by Kevin Wang on Mar 9, 2021 in MCAT, Advice and Tips, Pre-Med

If you're planning to attend medical school, one of the questions that might be on your mind is when exactly you should start to prepare for the MCAT. This is tied to when you should take the MCAT, but can vary widely by student.

To ensure you're making the best decision for your timeline and goals, you'll want to look at the factors that are unique to you. I find it's most helpful to use the following questions in order to determine when it's best for you to start studying for the MCAT:

Thinking About Voiding Your MCAT? Here's What You Should Know.
Kevin Wang by Kevin Wang on Mar 1, 2021 in MCAT, Admissions, Pre-Med

As MCAT test day approaches, you may be considering the idea of voiding your exam afterwards. While there are real reasons for voiding your MCAT exam, it’s important to know when voiding is the correct choice.

After finishing every section on the MCAT, you are given the option to void your exam. If you choose to do so, then your exam will be wiped and there will be no record of taking it. This can be risky, as it may delay your medical school application and cause you to continue studying. Still, there are times when voiding the MCAT is the right decision. 

Med School Tutors’ Pre-Med Checklist
Med School Tutors by Med School Tutors on Jan 12, 2021 in Pre-Med

If you are thinking about going to medical school, there are a lot of things you will need to do while you are in undergrad including required coursework, research, clinical experience, and volunteering. This checklist is designed to be a starting point for students who want a general idea of where to start with these requirements. Please keep in mind that every student is different and every medical school may have different requirements.

Gaining Pre-Med Clinical Experience During COVID-19

Finding pre-med clinical experience while you are balancing MCAT prep and studying for exams in a normal year is challenging. Doing this during COVID-19 can feel next to impossible, especially when clinical experience is extremely hard to find given extra safety and health precautions at doctors’ offices and hospitals.

What to Expect When You're Expecting a Pre-Med Student: A Parent's Guide
Med School Tutors by Med School Tutors on Jan 22, 2020 in MCAT, Pre-Med

Congratulations! Your child wants to go to med school. They are feeling called to take on one of the most noble (and challenging) careers out there. You [mostly] knew how to support them through grade school, junior high, high school, and perhaps even college. But what about their pre-medical studies and med school? Where to even begin? Even if you carry a medical degree yourself, you are probably acutely aware of the rapidity with which things are changing.

First, take a slow, deep breath. Settle back somewhere comfy, and let us walk you through what you can expect, and how you can help when you're expecting your child to embark on the pre-med — and ultimately medical — path.

Everything to Consider Before Taking an MCAT Review Course
Kevin Wang by Kevin Wang on Jan 15, 2020 in MCAT, Pre-Med

As you begin studying for the MCAT, you might consider taking an MCAT review course. While these courses have their merits, many students who have taken such courses end up feeling like they didn’t really gain much from it.

If you are currently taking an MCAT course or are considering doing so, here are some tips to help you assess your next best steps and how to make the most of a course should you choose to take one.

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