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Our Expanded Psychology and Sociology MCAT Outline is Complete!

Update: 1/23/20 — Our MCAT team just finished updating the Psych/Soc outline to reflect current resources, new info and more. Get started here. Want to know more about how this outline came to be? Read on below!

In 2014, our MCAT Special Ops Team—led by Dr. Birju Patel, a psychiatry resident—embarked upon creating our in-depth expansion of the AAMC's official MCAT2015 Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior outline.

Our goal was to provide a free and thorough supplemental MCAT resource via our expanded outline, with in-depth definitions, visuals, and resource references so you can master the Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior section and crush it on exam day.

MCAT2015 Expanded Psych/Soc Outline Update
Our MCAT Special Ops Team has been hard at work building out our free and in-depth expansion of the AAMC's offical MCAT2015 outline. Dr. Birju Patel — a psychiatry resident — is helping to lead the charge on the construction of this outline, and we're very happy to report that Content Categories 6A through 7B are now available here.

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