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Step 3 Biostats Review: UWorld & Additional Resources

Step 3 is notoriously known for its emphasis on biostatistics, which requires students to not only have a solid foundation of biostatistical concepts and equations, but also be able to apply this knowledge in the context of medical research and literature. It can feel daunting to study these concepts, especially for students who have forgotten some of the basics in the years since taking Step 1 and Step 2 CK. 

MST Resource Review: UWorld MCAT Qbank
by David Watson on Jun 23, 2021 in MCAT, Resource Review, Uworld

High-quality, passage-based questions are the gold standard of MCAT preparation, but unfortunately, they are perennially in short supply for our students. Luckily, UWorld's MCAT Qbank is a top-quality resource for MCAT preparation. Read on for our review of UWorld's MCAT Qbank, how best to use it for MCAT success, and why the MCAT is an important milestone for incoming medical students.

Why you want to ace your MCAT exam on your first try

It is highly advantageous to ace your MCAT the first time around. Apart from the frustration of a second study period added to your med school admissions timeline, all MCAT scores are reported to medical schools.

While many schools will take into account your improvement on a second attempt, many will average or otherwise consider both attempts when evaluating your application. As a result, it is in your best interest to do your absolute best on your first attempt!

UWorld MCAT Qbank: A top-tier MCAT resource

In 2017, UWorld introduced a 1,000 question passage bank for the MCAT. Since then, UWorld has nearly doubled the size of the qbank with almost 2,000 questions. While a relatively new name to most MCAT test-takers, UWorld has built top-tier resources for the NCLEX and USMLE exams, so we are excited to see UWorld continuing to expand their MCAT resources.

Why is this so important? Beyond the official AAMC practice materials, the offerings of prep companies have been of mixed quality. Given the limited quantity of official AAMC materials, we recommend our students save the AAMC content until their final preparation leading up to test day and use the UWorld MCAT Qbank for initial prep. 

MST Resource Review: AMBOSS

Are you studying for Step 1 and wish First Aid went into more detail about those topics you just cannot seem to wrap your head around? Are you preparing for Step 2 CK/Step 3 and frustrated by the lack of non-UWorld resources for content review? Have you found yourself speed-reading through Google on the wards, trying to find the mechanism of a particular drug while your attending’s back is turned? Here is our review of AMBOSS, which might be a great resource for you.

USMLE-Rx Review: A Step 1 Study Ally

Are you considering USMLE-Rx as one of your Step 1 study materials? To help you make the decision, here is our comprehensive USMLE-Rx review. Happy studying!


Available on both desktop computer and mobile app, USMLE-Rx is a collection of high-yield USMLE study tools created by the authors of First Aid. Let me repeat that: this resource was made by the authors of First Aid! 

Besting The USMLE Step 2 CK Beast: A Comprehensive Resource Review

The ambiguity surrounding resource selection for Step 2 CK can be frustrating. With Step 1, the optimal resources were relatively standardized: complete UWorld, get through First Aid a few times, integrate Pathoma and you’ll be well on your way to a great score. However, with Step 2 CK, it seems that no such standardization exists— each resource comes with its own set of pros and cons that may make it ideal for certain students and frustrating for others. As a result, many students waste weeks experimenting with resources. Some never seem to find one to consistently utilize. In this post, I will examine some of the available resources for Step 2 CK and offer some insight that may help you select the appropriate one. While there is no consensus on a single “best resource,” there is most likely a best resource for you.

Resource Review: Online MedEd Rocks

Here at MST, we’re always keeping our eyes peeled for new and helpful resources that will aid students preparing for their USMLE and Shelf exams. In fact, we’ve established an entire committee to test these resources and identify those that are worthwhile. (We also sniff out the fly-by-night useless resources and swiftly kick them to the curb.) One that we reviewed recently really had what it took to receive a ringing endorsement from our staff. Enter… Online MedEd.

Did The Princeton Review Really Crack the MCAT2015 Code?
Med School Tutors by Med School Tutors on Apr 17, 2015 in MCAT, Resource Review
The Princeton Review (TPR) is the chronological middle child of the "big three" MCAT companies. It's sandwiched between its elder predecessor Kaplan and junior member Examkrackers. TPR advertises a youthful passion for “cracking” exams while offering the network of a firmly established company. In 2014, they sold academic products and services to over 3.5 million students.

That’s impressive.

But the question in our mind was if the Princeton Review would impress us with their 2015 MCAT Subject Review Complete Set. It turns out that our team had mixed reactions and somewhat polarized views about this series, specifically in regard to the role it could play in a student’s MCAT study plan.  
Should You Use Kaplan's MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review for the MCAT2015?

Preparing students to score high on over 90 standardized exams in the course of their 76-year history, Kaplan is one of the most well-established and ubiquitous company leaders in education. Not surprisingly, this test prep giant has a strong hold in the MCAT industry.

Historically, Kaplan has been known for an encyclopedic coverage of MCAT topics, and with a new exam comes new teaching opportunities. Let's see how Kaplan addresses what’s new in the MCAT2015 with their Complete 7-Book Subject Review. 

Examkrackers 2015 MCAT 9th Edition Review: Does it REALLY Have Everything You Need to Know for the MCAT?

One of the most important decisions you make when preparing for an exam is which resource(s) to use. 

For the old MCAT, we were big advocates of using Examkrackers, so we've kicked off our resource evaluations with their 9th Edition Complete MCAT2015 Study Package

Because we don't publish our own resources, we pride ourselves on being able to give you the most unbiased feedback, which we're  able to do because we are not affiliated with or endorsed by any of the companies whose resources we're reviewing. As such, we've shared our MCAT2015 Special Ops Team's highest-yield feedback with you below. 

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