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Get In The Game: What You Can Expect as a Tutor with MST

The process of becoming a doctor is incredibly time consuming... so, why would any med student or resident even consider becoming a tutor? What are the benefits and drawbacks? Will the time commitment jeopardize your career? What are the expectations of the job, and what are the requirements to become a tutor at Med School Tutors? What resources are available to you once you come on board?

As a tutor for MST, here are my thoughts:

Top Ten Reasons Why I Tutor Medical Students
Justine Falcone by Justine Falcone on Mar 22, 2017 in Tutor Spotlight

A lot of times when I talk to other med students about working as a tutor, I’m constantly met with resistance or hesitation. To some, tutoring must seem like a huge, time-consuming process that couldn’t possibly fit into their schedules. Others imagine that involves an enormous amount of prep work or time spent between sessions. Maybe it's concern that a tutor would have to be at every student's back and call 24/7.

Tutor Spotlight: Justine & Lauryn Falcone
Med School Tutors by Med School Tutors on Feb 21, 2017 in Tutor Spotlight
It’s been a long while since we’ve done a tutor spotlight, so this time we’re so happy to be featuring two! After all, when it comes to Lauryn and Justine Falcone, the wait is worth it. These twin tutors are absolute superstars at helping students – and as you’ll see below, they’re both delightful people as well. No wonder they’re always in such high demand!

Where did you go to medical school?

Lauryn: I am currently enrolled at West Virginia University School of Medicine.

Tutor Spotlight: Kevin Kleffman - Med School Tutors
Med School Tutors by Med School Tutors on Apr 22, 2016 in Tutor Spotlight

Kevin Kleffman is a superb tutor and team player. He is devoted, highly energetic, and understands the importance of balancing life and study. He is dedicated to the success of his students, and we couldn't be happier to have him on our team.

Without further ado, here's Kevin:

Where did you go to medical school?

I am currently a 3rd year MD-PhD student at NYU School of Medicine. 

Tutor Spotlight: Daniel Maselli - Med School Tutors
Med School Tutors by Med School Tutors on Apr 14, 2016 in Tutor Spotlight
As far as tutors go, any student would be lucky to work with Daniel Maselli. Not only is he a well-prepared and challenging teacher, he's a fun, funny person and a caring friend to his students and co-workers. He's a supportive, hard-working person, and a great resource for everyone at Med School Tutors. He's also contributed to the My First Cadaver podcast.
Tutor Spotlight: Eric Burnett
Med School Tutors by Med School Tutors on Apr 1, 2016 in Tutor Spotlight
We couldn't be more pleased to have a brilliant doctor like Eric Burnett (second from left) on our tutoring team.

An IM resident at Columbia, Eric is passionate about medicine and his patients, and equally passionate about the success of his students. Funny, classy, and caring, Eric is a natural teacher, and a great person to have on your side as you set out to crush your exams.

Without further ado, here's what he has to say: 

Tutor Spotlight: Nicholas Rowan - Med School Tutors
Med School Tutors by Med School Tutors on Mar 22, 2016 in Tutor Spotlight
Dr. Nicholas Rowan: ENT resident, tutor mentor, trainer, and USMLE and medical tutor extraordinaire. 

Nick is an unbelievable team player. He's incredibly generous with his time and spirit, he cares deeply about his students, patients, the tutor team... pretty much everyone he interacts with. He has a hilarious sense of humor, loves good food and surfing, and is a huge part of the heart of our MST team.

Always happy to share a story, Nick has even been a guest on the My First Cadaver podcast! (You can hear his amazing MD origin story as a surfer here and his first big mistake here.) Without further ado, meet Nick!

Tutor Spotlight: Caleb Dresser
Med School Tutors by Med School Tutors on Mar 7, 2016 in Tutor Spotlight

Caleb Dresser is one of our most calm, thoughtful, and centered tutors. He has a big heart that has led him to help people both in the developing world and at home.

Caleb's desire to help others is matched only by his love of science and numbers, which he uses to track the progress of the students he tutors and push them to reach their full potential.

What's more, Caleb has an awesome sense of humor and he brings terrific energy (as well as a tremendous fund of knowledge) to his work with his students. 

We deeply appreciate Caleb for all that he does for our students (and our team!), and loved hearing his responses to our questions! Here they are:

Tutor Spotlight: Wilson Sui - Med School Tutors
Med School Tutors by Med School Tutors on Feb 26, 2016 in Tutor Spotlight
As you can most likely tell from Wilson Sui's picture, he is one of the most warm, kind, patient and caring people you will ever meet. (Pretty ideal both for being a physician AND a tutor, no?) 

Wilson combines these qualities with an incredibly thorough approach as a mentor and tutor. What we sincerely appreciate about Wilson (and many of our tutors in general!) is their ability to create an environment in which you are challenged to keep finding your highest potential, but also secure enough to fail safely and admit when you don't know something. 

As with all of our tutors, we could sing Wilson's praises all day. For now, here's more from the man himself:

Tutor Spotlight: Alexander Dabrowiecki - Med School Tutors

Alex Dabrowiecki is one of our most engaging and enthusiastic medical tutors. A beast when it comes to crushing the USMLEs, he's no stranger to the type of focus and dedication it takes to conquer these exams.

But what Alex has in spades is the ability to help his students both master the content these exams test and use the challenge the USMLEs present to actually better yourself as a physician, not just a standardized test taker. We adore and deeply appreciate Alex's humor, the level of care he brings to his work with his students (and our team!), and his general USMLE and medical badassery. Here's more from the man himself:

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