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If you are looking for information regarding USMLE score reporting delays in 2019, please visit our 2019 score reporting FAQ.

The only thing more nerve-wracking than studying and sitting for Step 1 is waiting for your score report to be released. Many of you may be wondering: what happens after I leave the prometric center and how long will it take for me to receive my score? 

Step 1 Score Reporting FAQ:

1. What happens after I sit for my exam?

After testing, your examination data is delivered electronically to the NBME where your responses are converted into a raw score (i.e., the sum of the points earned for correct responses). Your raw score is then converted into your scaled three-digit USMLE score.

Before your score can be released, however, analyses are performed to detect aberrant response behavior and a final set of quality assurance procedures are performed to ensure that the correct set of score reports has been produced. Only then is your score report finally posted to the registration entity’s (NBME, ECFMG, or FSMB) secure website and made available for you to review.

2. How long will it take to receive my step 1 results?

Results for computer-based examinations are typically released within three to four weeks of your test date. That said, delays can occur for myriad reasons. Thus, we recommend allowing at least eight weeks for your Step 1 score report to become available.

3. Are any upcoming score reporting delays expected?

Due to modifications to the test item pool, there may be a delay in score reporting for Step 1 examinees who sit for their exam starting in early May through early July, 2019. The target date for reporting Step 1 scores for examinees testing within this window will be released in January, 2019. If your circumstances require you to receive your Step 1 score during this time period, we recommend sitting for Step 1 no later than April, 2019.

4. How do I receive my results?

Once your results have been released, you will receive an email notification with instructions for how to review your results. Your results will remain available for approximately 120 days from the date you receive this notification. After this period, your results can be provided to you only in the form of an official USMLE transcript.

5. Can I contest my USMLE Step 1 score?

If you believe that an error was made in the scoring of your exam, you can request a score recheck through the same entity that registered you to sit for Step 1. Your recheck request must be received by the registration entity (NBME or ECFMG) no later than 90 days after your score report is released. At this time, there is an $80 fee for each exam for which a recheck is requested.

6. How do I report my results to a third party?

To share your results with a 3rd party institution, you must contact the NBME or ECFMG and submit an official transcript request. At this time, the fee for requesting official USMLE transcripts from the NBME is $70 for up to 5 copies, with a $5 fee for each additional request submitted at the same time. The fee for requesting official USMLE transcripts from the ECFMG is $70 for up to 10 copies.

7. What if I don’t want my school to receive my score?

If you do not want your results reported to your medical institution, you must submit a signed request to the NBME, which must be received at least 10 business days before your test date.

We know it’s easier said than done — but try to put the USMLE out of your mind while you wait for your results. Spend time catching up with those you haven’t seen in awhile, including friends, family, and your favorite TV show. If you have any further questions regarding score reporting for Step 1, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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