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Matching into a U.S. residency has always had its unique set of hurdles for international medical graduates. But throw a pandemic and the USMLE Step 1 2022 pass/fail change into the mix, and the whole process can feel even more challenging than before.

Good news: We created a week-long summit for IMGs and FMGs to address the most urgent questions we've been getting on this front, including:

  • When should I take my USMLEs given the pass/fail change?
  • How has the testing environment changed for IMGs?
  • What about gap years? How can I optimize the year in between match cycles if I don't match?
  • How can I be competitive in terms of clerkships as an IMG?
  • Do you have any tips for how to obtain great letters of recommendation?
  • What qualities can give you the edge during residency applications as an IMG?
  • Any tips for my residency interviews?

A team of our experienced medical tutors and residency consultants — who regularly guide IMGs and FMGs through these processes — fielded these questions and more during our International Student Week-Long Summit, from June 28th to July 2nd, 2021.

Check out the week's content below!

Thank you all for your participation throughout the summit! We covered a broad range of topics, and sincerely hope we helped alleviate some anxiety while providing you with practical tips and tools for you to put to work. 

Monday, June 28th Watch WebinarGoing Pass/Fail: Planning the Timing of Your USMLEs

Tuesday, June 29th Video Tutorial Let's Talk About Gap Years — How to make the most of a year in between match cycles.

Wednesday, June 30thVideo Tutorial Should You Take Your Exam or Postpone?

Thursday, July 1st — Watch WebinarHow to be Competitive on Your Clerkships & Residency Application

Friday, July 2nd Watch WebinarOptimize Your Residency Application: Live Question & Answer Session


Ready to work with one of our experienced medical tutors and/or residency consultants to set your application up to shine? Schedule your free phone consult to be matched with your expert guide!

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