COMLEX - Level 1


Level 1
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How We Help



Most students begin their Level 1 prep with us 3-6 months out from their exams, or at the beginning of M2.



The vast majority of our Level 1 students meet with their tutors 1-2 times a week for 2 hours per session.



We usually work with COMBANK / COMQUEST / UWorld, First Aid, Pathoma and BRS Physiology—but we’ll ensure you select the resources that are best for YOU.



Tutoring starts at $249/hr. Packages include discounts of up to 10%.  Relentless encouragement and earned praise are always included.


Exam Facts

COMLEX Level 1 is typically taken by students who just finished their second year of medical school. It is a problem- and symptom-based test focused on basic medical science material in the following subjects: anatomy, behavioral science, microbiology, biochemistry, osteopathic principles (OMM), physiology, pathology, and pharmacology. COMLEX Level 1 is generally considered a highly important factor in osteopathic residency admissions.

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Note: If you are interested in applying for allopathic residency programs, you will also have to pass USMLE Step 1. Coming from an osteopathic background it will be in your best interest to score as high as possible to make yourself more competitive.

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