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$249 / hr T1 ? $299 / hr T2 ?

20 Hours

$237 per hour*
$4,740 T1 ? $5,681 T2 ?
63.6 avg. score increase *T1 pricing shown

30 Hours

$232 per hour*
$6,960 T1 ? $8,342 T2 ?
95.4 avg. score increase *T1 pricing shown

40 Hours

$224 per hour*
$8,960 T1 ? $10,764 T2 ?
121.1 avg. score increase *T1 pricing shown

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Highest Step 3 Score with MST
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  • "I can not even begin to express how lucky I feel to have found Med School Tutors. After all the hardships I went through with step 1, the entire Med School Tutors team truly made my dream of becoming a doctor of a reality again. Dan really made studying for step 2 a fun experience and truly gave me the confidence I needed to walk in and pass on my first attempt. I am SO happy to put COMLEX 1 & 2 behind me!! Thanks again for everything. I couldn't have done without all the support I had from the Med School Tutors staff, and my tutors!"

  • "I simply loved Med school tutors! They helped me pass COMLEX 1 and 2. They were knowledgeable, efficient, and always on time. I really feel that I got the most out of the sessions, not only with respect to content, but also with respect to test-taking and confidence. I highly recommend this program to anyone who really struggles with test-taking, like myself, or if you simply want to do well. I encourage you to follow the tutor's plan because it yields the greatest success. I really learned a lot of medicine by working with them, improved my standardized test-taking skills, and passed! The staff and tutors are so knowledgeable, kind, and really helped support me throughout the entire process. I trust Med school tutors to help and I am going to use them again for COMLEX 3!"

  • "They exceeded my expectations 1000% and helped me not only graduate from medical school, earned a PM&R residency. Med School Tutors is my family now. I'm working with them again for Step 3. There are many other tutors and board preparation companies out there that may seem better in price, but MST gave me exactly what I needed after all that I went through. I can wholeheartedly say that MST will give you the most individualized [approach] and specialized attention and unique focus. In my mind, it's priceless. The money is a smaller drop in the bucket."