A Typical Residency Advisement Package Consists Of:


Get an edge on your residency application 

Our Residency Advisement can be all encompassing or "a la carte." If you only want to work with an advisor on your personal statement or interview prep, we can do that! If you’d like help with a little of everything, we can do that too!

Typical Time Spent on Advisement Tasks
Keep in mind, the below times are averages. Each aspect of your application can require more or less time depending on how much assistance is needed.

  • Personal Statement: 2-6 hrs per specialty/statement
  • CV Assistance: 1-3 hrs
  • Program Selection & General Strategy: 0.25-4 hrs
  • ERAS Review/Editing Prior to Submission: 1-2 hrs
  • Interview Prep & Practice: 0.5-2 hrs
  • Interview Follow Up: 0.25-2 hrs
  • Rank List Assistance: 0.5-2 hrs
  • General Advisement & Support: 0.5-2 hrs

After your consult, you’ll be paired with a residency advisor for your first session. This first session could last anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours, as you and the advisor get to know one another, discuss your objectives, and set a plan in place. After that, follow up work with your advisor takes place online, via email, phone and text, relaying the material, and corresponding as needed. Whatever time the tutor spends editing, advising and emailing — both in session and out — will be logged and billed accordingly.

Relevant Pricing Info

Advisement is $259/hr. Discounts range from 2-5% depending on the total number of hours purchased.

On average, advisement students complete 4-12 hours.

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