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Your 1:1 Tutoring Package Includes:

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  • in-depth content review
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This is to strongly recommend Med School Tutors. After studying for Step 1 for months, I was still receiving subpassing scores on my NBME practice exams. I reached out to Med School Tutors not knowing what to expect. They paired me with a great tutor named Dan. Not only does Dan have a track record of success on medical board exams, he is excellent at breaking down hard to understand concepts and explaining them to me. This was really important so not only could I get an individual question right, but I could take the concept and apply it to other questions. Med School Tutors also has a great software platform that you and the tutor work through. It is great for you and the tutor to share screens, the tutor can write out notes on top of the screen when working through UWorld, and the tutor can send you session notes. I met my Step I score goals. My Step I scores increased 27 points in 3 weeks! Once again, I strongly recommend Med School Tutors.”

– Joshua, USC MD Candidate

Med School Tutors students have a 98% pass rate after working with us.