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>When should I start with Med School Tutors?

The vast majority of our students begin tutoring 2-3 months or more in advance of their test dates. The sooner we start, the more you’ll get out of the tutoring and the higher you’ll be able to raise your score. If you’re not sure, feel free to get in touch so we can help you determine your best course of action.

>How do I get started?

Our short video below tells you everything you need to know about how we'll get started together! If you have general questions that are not answered here or want to schedule your complimentary phone consult, contact us or give us a call at 212-327-0098. 

>What is the complimentary phone consult?

If you're interested in working with a tutor, the first step is to have a complimentary phone consult with a member of our student relations team. This 20-30 minute conversation allows us to get to know your circumstances more clearly and answer any questions you may have. That way we can better assess whether we have the right tutor for your needs, and if so, pair you with the one best-fit for your unique circumstances, timeline, and goals.

>I have a question about the tutoring. Should I schedule my complimentary consult now?

You should schedule your complimentary phone consult when you know you're ready to move forward; it's how we'll get to know you and match you with your tutor! If you’re uncertain, you can always give us a call at 212-327-0098 or contact us to discuss your preliminary questions and determine whether we will be the best fit for your needs..

>Who are your tutors?

Your MST instructor is an expert, a mentor and a guide. All of our tutors have achieved scores in the top percentiles for the exams they teach. They also undergo rigorous training to ensure they meet MST’s quality standards. Your tutor will not only be there to answer your questions, they will take the lead in planning your schedule and identifying opportunities for improvement. Throughout your work together, they will also act as your number one ally, motivating you to achieve your best through optimal preparation.  

>What's the difference between T1 and T2 tutors?

Though all of our tutors successfully complete the same rigorous training process, we do distinguish based on experience and tenure. Our T2 tutors have completed hundreds — and, in some cases, thousands — of hours of tutoring and have worked with students in a wide variety of circumstances. When available, we also have a T3 option to work with one of our Chief Medical Tutors. All tier levels are subject to availability.

>How does the online 1:1 tutoring work?

Our students work with their tutors via GoToMeeting or Zoom, our professional web conferencing systems. We leverage video conferencing, screen sharing and drawing tools to create a remarkably effective test preparation experience. This allows us to pair you with the tutor best suited to your needs, regardless of location, and minimizes valuable time lost to commuting. All you need is a solid internet connection, a webcam and your computer.

>What is the length and frequency of sessions?

Depending on your timeline and goals, you and your tutor will meet 1-3 times per week. Sessions are generally 2 hours long — with the exception of Shelf Exam and some medical coursework tutoring. To ensure your optimal results, we do require a minimum of one 1-hour session per week regardless of exam.

>Will you help me choose my resources and/or create a study schedule for me?

Yes. Your highly-personalized study schedule is paramount to your success. Your tutor will craft your schedule in such a way that it evolves over the course of your work together and adapts to your progress and needs. We will also help you identify the best resources for you to use and tailor your schedule to ensure that you are using your resources efficiently.

>Your services are not cheap. How can it be worth it?

We started 1:1 USMLE tutoring at a time when no other companies were offering it. Today, with more than a decade of proven results under our belts, and closing in on 100,000 tutoring hours, we are truly the leaders in this field. Our prices directly reflect the quality of our service, the track record of our success, and the expertise of our tutors.

What’s more, we pay our tutors extremely competitively so we can consistently provide our students with the most effective, holistic, and individualized preparation available to ensure our students open doors in their medical careers. We are deeply committed to your success, and are certain that if you're ready to do the necessary work, we can help you achieve your best results.

Lastly, if you think your peers and school would benefit from our services, we also provide consulting, small group tutoring and seminars on an institutional basis.

>What are my payment options? Do you offer a trial?

The first session a student has with a tutor is what we call a trial session, which is traditionally 2 hours for the price of 1 hour (50% discounted).

If you would like to continue working with your tutor beyond your trial session, we will touch base with the tutor, who will suggest roughly how much tutoring they think you’ll need to reach your best score.

Based on that estimate, your Student Relations Coordinator will put together a package proposal for you to review. This proposal will state how many hours we see you completing, the discount you would receive based on the number of hours in your package, and how the total cost of your tutoring could be divided into smaller monthly installments spread out over the course of your work with us.

>I am a parent/spouse/sponsor researching options for someone else. How involved can I be in the process?

We welcome inquiries from you anytime and we will gladly provide information to you about our services for you to share with your student. That said, the complimentary phone consult must be conducted 1:1 with the student and a member of our Student Relations Team. Per our policies, our tutors cannot discuss a student’s circumstances with anyone other than the student. We appreciate your cooperation in advance. .

>How is this different from a review course? What's right for me?

Diving into a good review course is like re-immersing yourself in your pre-clinical years of med school. There are set resources, a schedule to follow, and lectures to attend. Using a pre-set curriculum, a review course is designed to guide you through a comprehensive review of the high-yield material essential for your exam.

In working with one of our tutors, you will receive a highly-personalized study plan, tailored to your unique circumstances, learning style, timeline, and goals. Unlike a pre-set review course, your tutor will adapt your study plan according to your progress throughout your work together. In your 1:1 tutoring sessions, you and your tutor will identify and address your individual strengths and weaknesses.

When it comes to choosing between a review course or 1:1 tutoring, years of experience have shown us that if you're scoring ≤ 160s on your assessments, it's best to begin with a review course. (This is especially true if you've been away from the basic sciences for more than 2 years.)