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>How do I get started?

Our short video below tells you everything you need to know about how we'll get started together! If you have general questions or want to schedule your complimentary phone consult, don't hesitate to Contact Us or call us at 212-327-0098. Our team's here Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Eastern Time to answer your questions!

>I have a question about the tutoring. Should I schedule my complimentary consult now?

You should schedule your complimentary phone consult when you know you're ready to move forward; it's how we'll get to know you and match you with your tutor! However, you can always give us a call if you have any questions. Give us a call at 212.327.0098, email us or write to us here. We're happy to answer any questions you may have to make sure we're the best fit for your needs!

>What is the complimentary phone consult?

The complimentary phone consult generally lasts 20-30 minutes, and it allows our Client Team to get to know your circumstances more clearly and answer any questions you may have so we can match you with the best possible tutor for your goals and needs. Once you've had your consult, we'll send you our tutor recommendation (including information about your tutor's exam scores, teaching background and more). If you're ready to get started, and you haven't already done so, you can click here to schedule your consult.

>I'm located outside of the United States. How can I get in touch with you for my phone consult?

Students located outside of the United States can reach us using Skype Credit or Google Voice. Simply call our office at 212-327-0098 at the date and time of your scheduled consult!

>When should I start with Med School Tutors?

On average, the vast majority of our students begin 2-3 months or more in advance of their test dates and our most successful students work with their tutors over a period of 3-6 months or more. Regardless, the sooner we start, the more you’ll get out of the tutoring and the higher you’ll be able to raise your score. Email or call us today to schedule your comprehensive consult so we can help determine your best course of action.

>I see you have a waitlist. What does that mean?

Sometimes the demand for our tutors is greater than their availability. Depending on the test and the student's needs, the waitlist can be anywhere from 1-4 weeks long. 

>Who are your tutors?

Your MST instructor is an expert, a mentor and a guide. All of our tutors have scored in the top percentiles for the exams they teach. They have also gone through rigorous training to ensure they meet the MST standards. Your tutor will not only be there to answer your questions, (s)he will take the lead—planning your schedule and identifying every opportunity for improvement—and help push you to your optimal preparation and score.

>What's the difference between T1 and T2?

We offer two package types (T1 and T2) distinguished only by the experience and tenure of the tutor. Our T2 tutors often have thousands of tutoring hours under their belts. When available, we also have a T3 option to work with one of our Chief Medical Tutors. All tier levels are subject to availability.

>What is the optimal length and frequency of sessions?

Depending on your timeline and goals, you and your tutor will meet 1-3 times per week. Sessions are generally 2 hours long — with the exception of Shelf Exam and some medical coursework tutoring. To ensure your optimal results, we do require a minimum of one 1.5-hour session per week.

>How does the online 1-to-1 tutoring work?

Today more than 95% of our students work with their tutors 1:1 online via GoToMeeting, our professional web conferencing system. We leverage video conferencing, screen sharing and drawing tools to create a remarkably effective test preparation experience that also minimizes valuable time being lost to commuting. All you need is a solid internet connection, a webcam and your computer. 

Prior to your first session, you'll click on the meeting link that your tutor sends you, which will download GoToMeeting for free to your computer. It will launch the program, you'll verify which sources you want to use for your video and audio, and once your tutor initiates the session, the waiting screen will go away and your session will begin!

>Can I meet with my tutor in person?

Depending on our availability, select tutors can indeed meet with their students in person in Manhattan at the medical centers and universities where our tutors work. We can provide comfortable study conditions at these locations, and you will be immersed in an environment that helps you focus and brings out your passion for the medical field. The flat hourly rate for in-person tutoring is $325.

We do our best to take your location into account when making the student-tutor match to provide optimal convenience. It is very rare for tutors to meet in students' homes. When possible, we will try to accommodate the request, but it is very rarely the case.

>Is this a course like Kaplan?

All of your work with Med School Tutors will be 1-on-1 tutoring with a medical testing expert. It is not a general, pre-set review course. Your study plan will be tailored to your unique needs, goals, timeline, strengths and weaknesses, and will adapt to your progress throughout your work with your tutor.

>What resources will I need for my tutoring?

We have tried and tested all of the existing resources for these exams, so our goal throughout your tutoring is to help you be as efficient and effective as possible without getting overwhelmed by too many resources. We do this by tailoring your schedule and resources specifically to your needs and learning style. Additionally for Step 1, for example, you already know that UWorld and First Aid are the two best resources to use, but we'll also show you how to maximize the return from your NBMEs and how to boost your retention overall. We look forward to discussing what would work best for you in your complimentary consult.

>Will you create a study schedule for me?

Yes. Your tailored study schedule is paramount to your success as it will help you work as efficiently and effectively as possible. Your tutor will craft your schedule in such a way that it evolves over the course of your work together and adapts to your progress and needs. We will also help you identify the best resources for you and schedule them in the most specific and structured way possible.

>Your services are not cheap. How can it be worth it?

With more than a decade of proven results under our belts, and closing in on 100,000 tutoring hours, we are truly the leaders in this field — and our prices directly reflect the quality of our service, the track record of our success, and the expertise of our tutors.

What's more, we started 1:1 USMLE tutoring at a time when no other companies were offering it. We also pay our tutors extremely competitively so we can consistently provide our students with the most effective, holistic and individualized preparation available to ensure our students open doors in their medical careers. 

We are deeply committed to your success, and are certain that if you're ready to do the necessary work, we can help you reach your best performance and scores.

Lastly, if you think your peers and school would benefit from our services, we also provide consulting, small group tutoring and seminars on an institutional basis: www.mstconsulting.com.

>Why don't you publish your own resources?

Because we set out to help our students achieve their best scores so they can be as competitive as possible in the pursuit of their medical career goals and dreams. 

We have always prided ourselves on being unbiased. When we make a recommendation to you—regarding which books, Qbank, self-assessments, etc. to use—you can trust that we've based that recommendation on what we truly think is best for you, your unique learning style and circumstances (not for our bottom line). What's more, we even have a dedicated Resource Review Committee whose task it is to ensure we're staying abreast of any new resources, and that we intimately know the plusses and minuses of any potential resource. 

Lastly, an MST first, because our Resource Review Committee identified a need for top quality flashcards, we delved into content creation for the Internal Medicine Shelf Exam and (soon to be released!) the USMLE Step 2 CK by partnering with MemorangWe're all about helping you work smarter, not harder!

>I am a parent/spouse/sponsor researching options for someone else. How involved can I be in the process?

We welcome inquiries from you anytime, and we will gladly provide information to you about our services for you to share with your student. Beyond that, our experience shows that our relationships with students should not be interfered with by anyone else (unless the student is under the age of 18). We appreciate your cooperation in advance. This will contribute to the best possible outcome and experience for your student.

>Review Course or 1:1 Tutoring? What's right for me?

Let's face it: Studying for the USMLEs means months of exhaustive hard work and practically no social life. Since your time and financial resources are finite, we want to help you make the best investment for you.

When it comes to choosing a review course or 1-to-1 tutoring, years of experience have shown us that if you're scoring ≤ 160s on your assessments, it's best to begin with a review course. (This is especially true if you've been away from the basic sciences for more than 2 years.)


Diving into a good Step 1 review course is like re-immersing yourself in your pre-clinical years of med school. There are set resources, a routine and schedule to follow, lectures, and it's up to you to make the most of it.

In addition, review courses such as Kaplan, Doctors in Training, Falcon, PASS and WolfPACC are also specifically designed for IMGs and students who have been away from med school for some time.

Lastly, by starting with a review course and then working with us to take your passing or close-to-passing score to the next level, your overall financial investment will actually be smaller.

Long Story Short:

If you did well in your basic sciences, you could accomplish what a review course offers on your own time. However, you MUST put in the necessary hard work and study time, be consistent and hold yourself accountable.

Anything less than your best effort will not be enough.

If you're going to tackle Step 1 on your own, make sure you use the best possible resources and keep it simple. Here's how:

• Stick with the best: UWorld, First Aid, Pathoma and BRS Physiology
• Use spaced repetition to master memorization-heavy concepts
• Be honest with yourself and TAKE SELF ASSESSMENTS
• NBMEs are best. On the UWorld assessments, for example, when you're scoring below a 230, your score can be inflated by ~20 points.
• Don't waste your time with other Qbanks or sub-optimal resources (unless you have a lot of time on your side—in which case, read this Qbank post and this First Aid post)