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4th year Consulting
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Strategic 4th year planning.

Our team of experienced residency consultants are here to help you maximize your 4th year, including:

  • Applying to research years, Sub-I's, Away Rotations
  • Planning your 4th year schedule
  • When to take Step 2 CK & CS
  • When to take Level 2 CE & PE
  • Applying to multiple specialties
  • VSAS
  • Transferring medical schools


"I strongly believe that choosing Med School Tutors has ensured my success in the grueling medical school application process.  This was my first year applying and I have received 5 acceptances to M.D. programs.  I will be attending Stony Brook University School of Medicine in the fall and I have even been nominated for a merit-based full-tuition scholarship." J.P., Stony Brook University School of Medicine

"My tutor happily devoted his time to help me with anything that came up during the application cycle – personal statement, interview preparation, etc… He was an incredible resource and he genuinely supported me.  I am so happy that I found med school tutors and had the opportunity to work with them. I sincerely recommend them to anyone applying to medical school."  M.G., Drexel University College of Medicine

"When I was assigned to my tutor to assist me with my personal statement and medical school application process I never expected to build the relationship and trust I had with him. He cared about the strength and weaknesses of my application and with that guided me to be the best candidate I could be. He was professional and experienced and I felt that he cared as much as I did about my acceptance to medical school.  The MCAT is only the beginning of a long application and interview process and looking back I am so grateful to have had David's guidance."  M.K., Mulenberg College

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