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$177 / hr T1 ? $207 / hr T2 ?

20 Hours

$169 per hour*
$3,380 T1 ? $3,933 T2 ?
5 avg. score increase *T1 pricing shown *T1 pricing shown

30 Hours

$164 per hour*
$4,920 T1 ? $5,775 T2 ?
5 avg. score increase *T1 pricing shown *T1 pricing shown

40 Hours

$159 per hour*
$6,360 T1 ? $7,452 T2 ?
5 avg. score increase *T1 pricing shown *T1 pricing shown
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  • "When I came to Med School Tutors I received an enormous amount of attention and support not only from my tutor but also from the staff.  They consistently spoke with me and ensured I was progressing over the course of my tutoring sessions and even helped me edit my personal statement and writing samples as a courtesy.  I strongly believe that choosing Med School Tutors for my MCAT prep has ensured my success in the grueling medical school application process.  This was my first year applying and I have received 5 acceptances to M.D. programs.  I will be attending Stony Brook University School of Medicine in the fall and I have even been nominated for a merit-based full-tuition scholarship."

  • "Before I took the MCAT for the first time I took a Kaplan MCAT course. When I started studying to take it a second time I decided I wanted to try working with someone one-on-one so that I would be given individualized support. This is when I found med school tutors. Even after my first conversation, I could tell this experience was going to be even more than I had hoped for. We discussed my academic background, preferred learning styles, and goals for the MCAT before he set me up with my tutor, who was incredible. In addition to being ridiculously bright, he was also a great teacher. He was able to identify my strengths and weakness and tailor our sessions to best prepare me for the test. He was also flexible and able to accommodate my full time work schedule. I am so happy that I found med school tutors and had the opportunity to work with them. I sincerely recommend them to anyone applying to medical school."

  • "The MST team is warm, personable, easily accessible, and constantly supportive. From my first conversation with them, I knew that MST was the organization I had been looking for. The entire MST team was like a personal cheerleading team - always available for a pep-talk. My tutor was an exceptionally talented tutor. He broke down complex concepts into accessible components. He was endlessly patient with me, encouraging of all questions, and incredibly knowledgeable (without being intimidating). He always gave me a concrete plan and clear expectations for every week. He never judged my mistakes, but rather attempted to understand gaps in my knowledge or mis-steps in my thought-process so that he could better direct my studies. When I was doubting myself, he had ways of proving to me how much I had improved and gave me insight to help me build my own confidence."