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Med School / AMCAS
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Getting into med school takes more than just a high MCAT score.

We believe there is an art to crafting the most persuasive application package, and we help students think strategically and originally about the facts and stories they include as well as about the way in which they organize the information. It's a carefully crafted and nuanced process, and with determination and the right guidance and support, the results will be priceless.

  • Select the right range of schools and determine your top choices
  • Tell a compelling story in your personal statement
  • Ensure your AMCAS showcases your best qualities and attributes
  • Highlight your most meaningful experiences
  • Obtain the best letters of recommendation
  • Make secondary essays shine
  • Ace your interviews
  • Perform strategic follow-up with your top-choice schools
  • Navigate this all-important process confidently, efficiently and effectively with our expert mentoring and advisement.



"I strongly believe that choosing Med School Tutors has ensured my success in the grueling medical school application process.  This was my first year applying and I have received 5 acceptances to M.D. programs.  I will be attending Stony Brook University School of Medicine in the fall and I have even been nominated for a merit-based full-tuition scholarship." J.P., Stony Brook University School of Medicine

"My tutor happily devoted his time to help me with anything that came up during the application cycle – personal statement, interview preparation, etc… He was an incredible resource and he genuinely supported me.  I am so happy that I found med school tutors and had the opportunity to work with them. I sincerely recommend them to anyone applying to medical school."  M.G., Drexel University College of Medicine

"When I was assigned to my tutor to assist me with my personal statement and medical school application process I never expected to build the relationship and trust I had with him. He cared about the strength and weaknesses of my application and with that guided me to be the best candidate I could be. He was professional and experienced and I felt that he cared as much as I did about my acceptance to medical school.  The MCAT is only the beginning of a long application and interview process and looking back I am so grateful to have had David's guidance."  M.K., Mulenberg College

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