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Whether you just want help with crafting a compelling personal statement for your med school application, or you'd like comprehensive AMCAS/application assistance, we will help you put your best med school application forward. You and your tutor will create your plan of attack together that's tailored to your precise goals and timeline. You can work with a tutor a la cart (hourly), or you can purchase a tutoring package. Here's a sample comprehensive admissions package:

Med School Admissions Package

In this sample 10-hour package, 3 hours are spent on personal statement review, 3 hours on essay/activity editing & review, 2 hours on interview prep, 1 hour on school selection guidance, and 1 hour on specialized application assistance.


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Getting into med school takes more than just a high MCAT score.

We believe there is an art to crafting the most persuasive application package, and we help students think strategically and originally about the facts and stories they include as well as about the way in which they organize the information. It's a carefully crafted and nuanced process, and with determination and the right guidance and support, the results will be priceless.


• Select the right range of schools & determine your top choices

• Tell a compelling story in your personal statement

• Ensure your AMCAS showcases your best qualities and attributes

• Highlight your most meaningful experiences

• Obtain the best letters of recommendation (LORs)

• Make secondary essays shine

• Ace your Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs)

• Perform strategic follow-up with your top-choice schools


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Our Team:

Our expert admissions consultants are med students, residents and attendings who have served on admissions committees, monitor trends within the med school application world, and are here to take the guesswork out of the equation for you and help you craft your most compelling application. Navigate this all-important process confidently, efficiently and effectively with our expert mentoring and advisement, whether it's for personal statement review, school selection guidance, essay/activity editing & review, specialized application guidance, or interview preparation. 


Consulting Rates:

Consulting is $259/hr. Package discounts up to 5% depending on the total number of hours purchased.

 On average, med school admissions consulting students complete 4-12 hours.