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The USMLE Step 2 CK flashcards are a rapid-fire resource to help you learn and test your knowledge of high-yield topics alongside your clerkships and Qbanks. The material is presented in the form of rapid clinical vignettes, visual diagnosis, and pharmacology sets that are crafted to ensure that you'll be fully prepared on test day.

As you complete Qbank blocks or textbook chapters, rapidly quiz yourself on the same topics to make sure you commit them to memory, while the adaptive learning algorithms help you focus on your individualized areas of weakness.

You can even create custom playlists of topics you want to review in more detail, and you have the option to enter your own notes to study them in combination with the flashcards.

And it works! Students mastering the Step 2 CK flashcards alongside UWorld have frequently reported scores in the 260s and beyond.

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  • 4000+ Facts
  • 13 Playlists
  • Web, iOS, and Android Access
  • Authored by experts who honored the IM shelf and scored 250+ on Step 2 CK
  • Regular content updates to stay current
Internal Medicine Shelf Exam

All the top IM Shelf materials are in your hand with this deck. As with the Step 2 CK deck, it’s packed with high-yield content that covers all the top resources like Step Up to Medicine, MKSAP and UWorld. Give yourself a rapid-fire review whenever you find the time to get that extra edge on your IM Shelf.

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Our Flashcard Creation Process

The USMLE Step 2 CK Power-Up was authored by a team of residents from Med School Tutors who have scored 250+ on their exams. The scope of the content covers the full scope of UWorld and NBME questions, explanations, and images as well as the highest-yield information from Step Up to Medicine, Master the Boards and First Aid. This makes Memorang the ideal review resource for Step 2 CK. More importantly, each fact is routinely checked against peer-reviewed sources such as the latest practice guidelines and summaries from trusted journals and professional societies. The world of medical content changes rapidly and the Med School Tutors team is constantly updating these flashcards to stay current.

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