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How Does It Work?

First, you’ll complete a consult with a member of our Student Relations Team. They’ll get you paired with a tutor, and following your trial session (which is already billed at a 50% discount), they’ll provide you with an application for the need-based scholarship. You'll submit your financial aid award, receipt of loans, any additional legal documentation of assistance, and a short essay regarding your circumstances and why you would benefit from a need-based scholarship. Upon acceptance, your tutoring will be billed at $129.50 an hour.

"People First"

Our primary company value is “People First.” We believe that — before we are doctors or patients, students or tutors — we are all people first, and we are committed to honoring our shared humanity in serving our community of medical students, tutors, and doctors. We pledge ourselves to standing for and contributing to a world in which people of every race, nationality, religious creed, gender identity, and sexual orientation can pursue the education, training, and healthcare they need to live full, free, and healthy lives.