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med school coaching, strategy, and more.

One-time strategic planning sessions take place with our most experienced and successful tutors, and are tailored to your areas of concern — whether that's preparing for your dedicated study schedule, planning ahead for 4th year, or getting coaching on study skills. How you use the time in your strategic planning session is up to you and your tutor. For example, if you meet with a tutor to plan for your USMLE Step 1 dedicated study period, you might break up your time like this:



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Types of Planning Sessions:

We know you have options when you consider working with a tutor. You are not just a number to us. It is our goal that you feel our genuine investment in you and your success from the moment we first speak. Our advisors' expertise, professionalism and dedication to our students’ success are unparalleled, and we have a track record of 14 years of student successes. 



Exam-focused planning sessions usually touch on one or more of the following areas:

•  Test prep timeline advice

•  Study schedule creation tips

•  Creating a plan of attack for addressing weak areas of study

•  Resource selection & utilization

•  When & how to take & review assessments

•  An introduction to effective question review

•  General Q&A


COVID-19 Impact & "maintenance" study periods

If you're suddenly dealing with a very different testing timeline, we have your back. Whether you want to meet once to plan for how to boost your long-term retention or manage your resources or, if you'd like to meet once a month for accountability and troubleshooting, we're here to support you throughout this time. For example, some questions students are addressing with their tutors are:

•  Which subjects should I wait to study until I'm closer to my exam, and which should I regularly work on each week?

•  Is there an order in which I should prioritize my NBMEs?

•  How do the MCAT changes impact my study plans?

•  My COMLEX date is still reserved but my Step 1 will likely be delayed to next year. How should I prioritize my resources?


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4th year of med school

There's a great deal of variability in fourth year schedules. Juggling Sub-Internships, jumping through hoops for away rotations, interviewing for residency.... In your fourth year planning session, your experienced tutor can address any questions you have, help ensure you avoid common mistakes and make the most of fourth year — while maximizing hard-earned and well-deserved down time.


residency application/ERAS

Sometimes residency applicants just want focused help for one area of their application. This could be for interview prep, reviewing their personal statement, or addressing potential red flags. Whatever the case, your student coordinator will pair you with the best medical residency consultant for your precise needs.


match week & SOAP

Match Week is an experience unlike any other. Sometimes just having an experienced guide can make all the difference. For example, if you're participating in SOAP (the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program®), you're not alone. We will guide you through what can often be an overwhelming process. 



Worried about the Multiple Mini Interviews? Do you want to talk to someone who knows the intricacies of the med school application process to put your mind at ease? Our team has you covered. Your med school application planning session is geared to your precise areas of concern and pressing questions.


med school Study skills & Strategies

We've worked with many students to review and refine their study skills and strategies — whether for first year medical students, or for those who are in the thick of their USMLE, COMLEX, PANCE or Shelf exam studies. We live and breathe "learning how you learn" and testing strategies, and our study skills & strategy sessions are designed to provide you with tangible guidance and tools that will help you perform at your best and break through plateaus.


med school and residency interview prep

Whether you're applying to medical school or residency, being able to do mock interviews with a professional who has been on the other side of the table can be a priceless experience. These 90-minute sessions are designed to equip you with personalized insights, pointers, guidance and tips for success so you can confidently head into your interviews — and come out the other side knowing you put your best foot forward.


Intern Year Planning Sessions

Starting intern year early or going through a virtual orientation? We're here to help fill in the blanks and prepare you for how to be a successful intern with our Intern Year Planning Sessions. Our highly accomplished doctors and advanced-year tutors will meet with you to discuss how to be a successful intern in all facets and help you navigate the transition with confidence and practical tools.


Targeted advice

Whether you're in a pre-med, med school, or residency program, if you're seeking specific advice, a 90-minute strategy session is a great way to get your questions answered. Students have taken advantage of these sessions to get pointers on switching specialties, optimizing their gap years prior to med school, transferring medical schools, and more.


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Planning Sessions are $199 per session. If you would like to meet with your tutor again after your Planning Session, your student coordinator will coordinate with you and determine your rate.