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Residency / ERAS
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Get a boost for your medical residency application

With competition for medical residency higher than it has ever been, we're here to set your application apart with insider advice and guidance, and to ensure you optimize all elements of the residency application process.

Our national network of admissions advisors' expertise, professionalism and dedication to our students’ success are unparalleled.


How does Residency Consulting work?

Generally the first meeting is spent building rapport with your advisor, demonstrating what you have completed thus far and reviewing your objectives/goals. From that point on, as you work on your essays and applications, you and your advisor will work independently or in tandem as needed while making key edits and revisions. As you refine your interviewing strategies or anything else of that nature, you and your advisor will meet regularly. 

  • Tell a compelling story in your personal statement
  • Highlight your most meaningful experiences and accomplishments
  • Obtain the best letters of recommendation
  • Ace your interviews
  • Organize your all-important rank order list
  • Perform strategic follow-up with your top-choice programs
  • Navigate this complex process confidently, efficiently and effectively with our expert mentoring and advisement


"I had no idea that my advisor would very quickly surpass the role of "tutor" and become a mentor. In addition to his very effective teaching, he believed in me when I didn't believe in myself, and he instilled in me the confidence and the courage to succeed, not only on the USMLE but also in the match. His experience and love for teaching shined through during every session, and I felt very reassured and confident having him guide me through Step 2 and my residency application. Thank you Med School Tutors!" G.S. - Sackler School of Medicine

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