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Residency / ERAS
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Get the extra edge on your medical residency application.

With competition for medical residency higher than it has ever been, we're here to set your application apart with insider advice and guidance, and to ensure you optimize all elements of the residency application process.

Our national network of residency consultants are residents and attendings who have successfully guided hundreds of students from residency application through the Match.

Our advisors' expertise, professionalism and dedication to our students’ success are unparalleled. Whether you'd like a single advisement session, a la carte help, or a pre-made package, we've got you covered.


Individual Residency Consulting Services

Below is a list of the many facets of Residency Consulting, including the average amount of consulting time needed to focus on each area. Some items are worked on in tandem during traditional 1:1 sessions (such as interview prep) while many others can be done independently without a formal consulting session (such as personal statement editing, etc.).

Assistance with Sub-I selection (0.5-2 hours)

Ever wonder if you really should do those away rotations? Should you rotate at your top choice? Should you choose a safety? Should you work with a big name in research, or focus on honing your clinical skills? Your MST residency advisor will review your application, discuss your goals and help you make these highly individualized decisions in the context of your overall career goals.


Specialty Selection (0.5-4 hours)

While no one can tell you what you should do with your life, we’re here to make one of the most important decisions of your medical career a little bit easier. From judging your competitiveness, to helping you analyze your values and goals, and even advising if you want to apply to multiple specialties, your MST residency advisor will conduct a detailed review of your application and discuss options with you in depth, using their years of experience to give you an unbiased assessment of your Match prospects.


Dealing with Potential Application Red Flags 1-5 hours

Failed a Step exam? Failed a course? Had to take leave from medical school? Let MST advisors guide you in addressing potential red flags on your application and help you present yourself as a competitive applicant on paper and in person. Our advisors utilize their experience working with students in similar situations and more to provide non-judgmental, experienced guidance.


Personal Statement Editing 1-10 hours

Want to make sure all your T’s are crossed and I’s dotted? Should you write a love letter to your specialty or talk about your journey through medicine? Should you be creative or formal? Need help with basic structure? Your MST residency advisor will work one on one with you to help formulate your personal statement and adapt it as needed for multiple programs. They’ll serve as a trusted advisor to discuss ideas, give you honest and constructive feedback, and provide a physician’s perspective on your content.


Program selection 0.5-2 hours

How many programs should you apply to? Should you apply all over the US? Academic vs Community? Which regions are your best chance to match? Which regions take students with your Visa status? Your MST residency advisor is here to help you navigate this process.


ERAS inputting/editing 1-4 hours

Wondering whether you should list your descriptions in bullet form or paragraph? Should you include that Science club you were started in college? Your MST advisor will help you select, describe, and organize your activities in your ERAS application and present them in a way that gets the attention of residency program faculty.


CV Input and editing .5-4 hours

Never had a real job before? MST residency advisors will help you load your CV with action verbs and descriptions of leadership and highlight your accomplishments in a way that has you putting your best foot forward.


LOR (Letter of Recommendation) Selection 0.5-1 hour

Who do you request letters of recommendation from? Do you ask the junior professor who knows you well, or the world renowned researcher who you did a 2 seek elective with? MST residency advisors utilize their broad experience to help you make this circumstance-specific decision.


ERAS Application Proofreading 0.5-2 hours

Completed your application but scared to click the final “submit” button? MST residency advisors will carefully review your application from start to finish to ensure that it’s error-free and in perfect form for submission.


Interview Prep 1-10 hours

Tell me about a time you dealt with a hardship? Why our specialty? Why our program? Your MST advisor will prepare you for the toughest questions you may get asked on your interview trail. Let us guide you on how to dress, how to interact, and help you construct responses that are thoughtful and well-spoken.


Thank you notes 0.5-1 hour

Should you tell that program that you are ranking them number 1? What about the other programs further down on your list? MST advisors will help you strategically craft the perfect thank you notes.


Rank order list formation

Can you “game” your match? MST residency advisors will work with you to consider your desires and goals in the context of your options, and help you form your rank order list with the bigger picture in mind. Relax with the knowledge that you have an expert advisor guiding you through these decisions.


SOAP Support

This challenging period is difficult to navigate. Your MST advisor will help you assess your options as they evolve during the SOAP process, make informed decisions, and recognize the many ways you can achieve your professional goals.




Package 1: Get Organized (4-6 hours)

Overwhelmed by the thought of residency applications and not sure where to start? Our residency advisors will create an individualized outline of the process and guide you in taking the first steps for each of the key components of your application.


Package 2: Customize (10+ hours)

Need help with multiple aspects of the application process? Select a unique combination of the services listed above and get a discount off of your total residency advisement package.


Package 3: From ERAS to Match (25 hours)

The full suite package offered by MST residency advisors. Get access to essay editing services for multiple essays, 5 interview sessions, in depth help in addressing red flags, proofreading and editing service across your application, and full fledged guidance via videoconferencing check-ins with your residency advisor. The package to choose if you want the maximum support along your Match journey.



"I had no idea that my advisor would very quickly surpass the role of "tutor" and become a mentor. In addition to his very effective teaching, he believed in me when I didn't believe in myself, and he instilled in me the confidence and the courage to succeed, not only on the USMLE but also in the match. His experience and love for teaching shined through during every session, and I felt very reassured and confident having him guide me through Step 2 and my residency application. Thank you Med School Tutors!" G.S. - Sackler School of Medicine

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