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$249 / hr T1 ? $299 / hr T2 ?

20 Hours

$237 per hour*
$4,740 T1 ? $5,681 T2 ?
18 avg. score increase *T1 pricing shown

30 Hours

$232 per hour*
$6,960 T1 ? $8,342 T2 ?
31 avg. score increase *T1 pricing shown

40 Hours

$224 per hour*
$8,960 T1 ? $10,764 T2 ?
42 avg. score increase *T1 pricing shown

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  • "My experience with Med School Tutors has been nothing short of extraordinary!!! All of the team members were incredibly patient, professional and personable throughout my exam-preparation process. The amount of exceptional tutoring, sincere care and consistent encouragement that I received instilled confidence within me and made me feel extremely supported. Everyone at Med School Tutors took a personal interest in my success. The team members have a wonderful way of accepting you where you are and working with you to help you achieve your goal. With their help, I PASSED MY EXAM!!!! :-D It was truly a blessing to work with everyone on the Med School Tutors team and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND their services. THANK YOU MED SCHOOL TUTORS!!!!"

  • "My Step 1 score was a real disappointment. I didn’t know how to prepare for the test on my own and was not truly ready to take it when the day came. So when I started my 3rd year of medical school with the plan to take Step 2 the summer after, I turned to Med School Tutors. I worked with John on my NBME shelf exams during each of my rotations and simultaneously prepared with him for Step 2. He taught me everything from test-taking tricks to general pathophysiology. After every rotation I noticed small improvements in my scores as well as my general understanding of the material and confidence in test taking. By the time the summer came I was so prepared for Step 2 that not only did I move up my test date but I also scored 40 points higher than on Step 1! John and Rob were extremely helpful every step of the way. They coached me through my mental blocks and focused on how to solve the test-taking problems that had stood in my way on Step 1. I am so grateful for their patience, persistence and support. I highly recommend Med School Tutors for any medical student who feels they need a personalized approach to improve their test scores. I’ll definitely be coming back to them for help on Step 3!"

  • "Thank you so much for all that you have helped me with. Step 2 CK was definitely challenging, but with the help of Paras and the MedSchool Tutors family I was able to really be prepared! Paras not only helped me surpass my dream score on Step 2CK, but helped me understand several important concepts that will be a pertinent part of my career in medicine for the rest of my life! I really would not have been able to achieve such a score without such an amazing tutor. He was always available, no matter what time of day it was. He was able to explain all topics flawlessly and did so in such a manor to really make it stick with me. Again, I want to thank you all, especially Paras :) And who knows, maybe our paths will cross again!!"