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Want free tutoring or extra money in your pocket each month? Become an MST Student Ambassador!

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This is what you’ll do:

Help spread the word

Help spread the word about MST’s services — free webinars, onsite visits, 1:1 online tutoring, etc.

Share MST content

Share MST content through social media — e.g. Facebook class pages, etc.

Help direct students 
to answers

Help direct students to answers for their questions regarding resources and MST’s services for Step 1 prep and beyond

Help connect MST

Help connect MST with student organizations and leaders in your school

Distribute materials 
and information

Distribute materials/information about MST to fellow classmates

Represent the MST brand

Represent the MST brand and mission with integrity, honesty, and professionalism. (A sense of humor is appreciated as well.)

This is what you’ll get:

$30 / Hour

$30/hr or a complimentary hour of tutoring for every 4 hours
 of work

$150 / Student Referral

Referral policy: For every student you refer to MST who signs up for a tutoring package,
 you will receive $150 OR a complimentary hour of tutoring

$200 / Tutor Referral

$200 per tutor referral or 2 complimentary hours of tutoring

These are the perks


Extra spending money – or free tutoring or planning sessions (We’ll hook you up.)


Higher test score comes with the tutoring/planning session option


A rewarding side job that works with your schedule


Connection to a network of your future colleagues

Partner Schools

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