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Meet Our Tutors

Our tutors are passionate educators and scholastically accomplished med students, residents and attendings averaging USMLE scores of 250+ and COMLEX scores of 650+. Whether you’re aiming for the 99th percentile on your exam, or getting the extra edge on your application, you’ve come to the right place.

Here's a sampling of some of our current tutors:

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Minhal Ahmed MCAT Tutor, MPH BIO

Minhal Ahmed



MCAT - 527


Northeastern University


Biomedical Engineering
“What's a motto? Nothing, what's the motto with you?” – Simba and Timon in The Lion King
Minhal is a friendly, patient, and encouraging tutor who has a passion for helping his students reach "light bulb moments" and gain confidence in their own skills. From his own MCAT prep, Minhal learned that building good study habits early on was the foundation to doing well on test-day, and he'll help you build this same kind of foundation for your exam. With over 7 years of tutoring experience at the high school and undergraduate level, Minhal has a genuine love for building strong relationships with his students and has a proven track record of helping them reach their goals. He's helped his students through everything from crushing their APs to landing an A in Orgo, and he'll no doubt help you get the MCAT score of your dreams. Minhal's students can rely on him for breaking down complicated vignettes in simple, easy-to-understand terms, building a strategic and organized plan of attack for their studies and test day, and honing the skills they'll need for long term testing and personal success!


Goldwater Scholar (2018)

Mitchell Scholar (2019)

MPH - University College Cork, 2020

Kevin Wang MCAT Tutor BIO

Kevin Wang

MCAT Tutor


MCAT - 517


Robert Wood Johnson Medical School


“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. ” – Dr. Seuss
Kevin is a careful and hardworking tutor who understands the dedication necessary to succeed on the MCAT. He graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2019 and is currently taking a year off while applying to medical school. His experience taking the MCAT as an undergraduate has given him an extensive knowledge bank on all things MCAT, and he hopes to be able to share how he was able to utilize all the resources available to him in order to make every minute of studying as efficient as it could be. Kevin has been teaching ever since he was a high school senior when he was an SAT instructor and has been teaching MCAT for over a year as a class instructor and private tutor. As your tutor, Kevin will teach you how to create a study schedule that will make the MCAT seem like a walk in the park, how to think exactly like the MCAT test-makers and ensure that you fully understand each concept that will be assessed. Kevin wants you to feel comfortable with each session as if he is a close friend just giving you some extra help with MCAT material!
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