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Step 2 [CK]
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How We Help with USMLE Step 2 CK Exam Prep



When should you start studying for USMLE Step 2 CK? It's up to you! Many of our students work with a tutor for their Shelf Exams and Step 2 CK at the same time.



We place a heightened emphasis on resource guidance for Step 2 CK, and generally recommend UWorld and Step Up to Medicine.



On average, students meet with their tutors 1x/week during clerkships, and 2x/week during their dedicated Step 2 CK study periods.



Tutoring starts at $259/hr. Packages include discounts of up to 10%.  Relentless encouragement and earned praise are always included.


Exam Facts

Step 2 CK covers content in the following areas: internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics, preventive medicine, psychiatry, surgery, and other areas relevant to provision of care under supervision. Most Step 2 CK questions describe clinical situations, requiring students to provide a diagnosis, a prognosis, an indication of underlying mechanisms of disease, the next step in medical care, or a combination of the four.

Like Step 1, Step 2 CK frequently expects test-takers to provide accurate tabular, graphic, and data interpretations. It also requires interpretation of imaging studies and photographs of gross and microscopic pathologic specimens.

The highest possible score on Step 2 CK is theoretically 300.  The average and passing scores are meaningfully higher than Step 1.  Passing requires a 209 and the national average is 237.

IMPORTANT:  Step 2 CK scores are becoming increasingly required and important in residency decisions.

A high Step 2CK score can redeem a below average Step 1 score. This is your turning point.




“I think the thing that distinguishes a good program from an exceptional one is the spirit behind it. From Med School Tutors, I not only received the structure and know-how, but a tremendous support system of people who were accessible, knowledgeable, and fully committed to me. I went from failing the NBME practice exam after studying alone to scoring in the 95th percentile on Step 2CK and securing a competitive residency spot. If you are willing to put in the effort, MST will definitely match it and provide the additional push and support that is often times critical. In the long run, MST is among the best investments I have made – I still keep in touch with my tutor more than a year later.”

- Neel D., Brown University PLMA, Ophthalmology

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