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$269 / hr T1 ? $299 / hr T2 ?

20 Hours

$256 per hour*
$5,111 T1 ? $5,681 T2 ?
23.6 avg. score increase *T1 pricing shown

30 Hours

$250 per hour*
$7,505 T1 ? $8,342 T2 ?
35.6 avg. score increase *T1 pricing shown

40 Hours

$242 per hour*
$9,684 T1 ? $10,764 T2 ?
47.1 avg. score increase *T1 pricing shown

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  • “Med School Tutors was the best choice I made to assist with my preparation for the USMLE Step 3. The administrative team was very responsive in my selection of a tutor. We got into the groove promptly and he was great from the point of attention to detail and reinforcing and clarifying basic concepts in internal medicine. His approach provided me with the confidence that translated into surefire success at the boards.”

  • "Requesting help from Med School Tutors was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I had been unsuccessful with Step 3 two times and knew that I needed help. I was paired up with Josh, who was an excellent tutor! Not only did he keep me on track but also gave me the tools and support that I needed to successfully pass this difficult exam. While taking the test I started to panic and during the break called Josh. He talked to me and gave me the confidence that I needed to keep going. I can sincerely say that I owe my career to Med School Tutors. My only regret is that I did not seek their help sooner. "

  • "I am happy with my experience with Med School Tutors, the staff has not only helped me pass my test but they also have given me so much emotional support that I needed. Words are not enough to express my gratitude. God bless you more."