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Help our students become the world's finest doctors.

At Med School Tutors, our uniquely individualized and personal service goes above and beyond helping our students to grow and excel — in addition to achieving their best medical exam scores. What's more, as an MST tutor, you are part of a team that's dedicated to bringing that personalized experience to you.

As a USMLE, COMLEX or MCAT tutor, you serve as a teacher, advisor and mentor to your students, and you also have access to a team that's committed to helping you strengthen your teaching and coaching skills while fostering your growth and advancement, professionally and personally. That team includes your dedicated tutor mentor, our Student Relations Team that handles all the administrative work and helps support your students, our extensive network of doctors and more!

What we are looking for:

  • Experienced & passionate tutors who crushed their exams
  • MCAT score > 515
  • USMLE scores > 240
  • COMLEX scores > 650
  • Available for 6-8 hours of tutoring per week, ideally for 9-12 months
  • Commitment, enthusiasm and shared values
  • A passion for teamwork, learning and helping others

What you can expect: 

  • MCAT starting hourly rate of $45
  • USMLE & COMLEX starting hourly rate of $60
  • Clear roadmap for raises & bonuses 
  • Training, resources, dedicated tutor mentor & support team
  • Online 1:1 tutoring done from the comfort of your home
  • Flexible schedule that you control
  • Performance reviews and feedback system 

More about who we are

Tutor Development Team (TDT) & Mentorship

Our Tutor Development Team is a part of the leadership within MST. The TDT provides mentoring, support, training, and plays a crucial role in the development of education, content, initiatives and more at MST. The TDT is comprised of seasoned tutors and accomplished doctors who are dedicated to our tutors' success — at MST and beyond.

Our mentor support system is unique and has proven to be extremely valuable, especially early on in a tutor’s career. Every tutor is matched with a mentor — if available, a mentor in their field of interest — during the training process. Your mentor will train you on the fundamentals, our proven methods and best practices, and will be there to provide you with support and feedback as you work toward independence and advancement. 

Meet the doctors on our Tutor Development Team:

  • Rivka Stone - Director of Tutor Development and Medical Education
  • Nicholas Rowan
  • Eli Freiman
  • Caleb Dresser
  • Lauren Sinnenberg
  • Leila Javidi
  • Andrew Drysdale
  • Sarah Coates
  • Joe Hanson
  • Dan Good
  • Tim Dyster
  • Nichole Lang

Student Relations Team (SRT)

The Student Relations Team is a dynamic team that is here to support you and your students to make this as seamless and polished a process for everyone.

When you first start working with us, the SRT takes the time to get to know you, your personality, approach and goals. That way, when they have a consult with a promising student, they’re able to quickly determine if they’re a good fit for you. For example, if the SRT knows that you hit your stride in helping a student sharpen their test taking skills as they work to apply their knowledge base to get that high score, they can send you that student vs. someone who’s been getting by on cramming and needs an overhaul of their knowledge base STAT.

After you begin working with your student, the SRT is also here to support you in whatever way you need. Billing drama? Covered. No more tracking down delinquent payments. Need a bad cop to your good cop? Check! We are not afraid to lay down the law. They can even pick up a resource or two for you to use with your student. The SRT is happy to handle all the administrative work and to set a strong foundation with the student from the moment they get in touch with us, so you and the student are set up for success and can just focus on tutoring.

Performance Reviews & Growth

As you continue to tutor with us and build more experience, you’re not going to be the same tutor as you were when you began with MST. 

Our performance reviews (PRs) are designed to provide you with a clear path for growth along with financial incentives and performance-based rewards. We'll conduct your PRs at key points in your growth so we can evaluate your (and our!) work, and help ensure that you are on the path for success by upholding the quality of tutoring and support that is synonymous with the MST name. 

What's more, our tutors have many opportunities to be involved in other initiatives from blog writing to content development to advisement. Whether you just tutor or help us develop a whole new educational system, we'll work to ensure the experience you’ll gain here will be worth adding to your credentials and jazzing up your CV.

Networking and Community

The connections you make here start with the students you help, serving as their coach and mentor throughout the most difficult exams of their lives. It is our hope that you will also benefit from the relationships you'll forge with your mentor, the office staff and with your peers — and from our aim at encapsulating a very holistic approach to medical education and business.

In your work with us, you will also quickly see that MST tutors are truly an unusual group: in addition to earning top scores, we've taken on leadership roles, pursued additional degrees, advanced medical education, published extensively, earned honors, awards, and accolades... and we often have unique considerations in approaching the residency application process. As such, our Matched @ MST network helps us connect our tutors with other high achievers in the field, residency or fellowship they're pursuing to help get that extra edge.

Lastly, if you are in New York, join us for a happy hour and meet fellow medical peers and staff. And as you get involved, you may just make friends in the process!

Projects, Innovation & Creativity

While USMLE tutoring is the forefront of our services, our desire to have a larger impact on medical education pushes us to develop more as a company for our tutors and students, and more as a contributor to medical education as a whole. We are committed to pushing the boundaries when it comes to information, creativity and — most importantly for us — developing 1:1 relationships.

We want our tutors to be contributors and developers because you live in the world of medical education and board exams; therefore your voice and contributions are important. Beyond tutoring, here are a few projects or initiatives you can get involved in (and yes, they're paid):
  • Blog Contributor
  • MST Consulting - We're paying forward the knowledge we've amassed over the past 12+ years to institutions by helping them better help their students. 
  • Content Development - Including flashcards, resources, guides and more
  • Resource Review Committee
  • Live Webinars and Q&A Sessions

Thoughts and Testimonials

"When I applied to work as a Step 1 tutor, I didn't realize how rewarding this experience would be. I can confidently say that being on the MST is the highlight of my third year of medical school. I am not only a tutor to my students, I am their mentor, their colleague, and their friend. I help guide them through one the most important milestone of medical school and it has been truly rewarding. Additionally, I couldn't be more thankful for the amazing and supportive MST team that has become a family to me. Anytime I need guidance, including non-MST related questions such as applying to residency, the MST family is here to help and support me every step of the way."

“My past 6 months tutoring with MST have been nothing short of extraordinary. I was well trained, received unconditional support from tutor mentors and office staff, and have been continually encouraged and recognized for my hard efforts. It is a position where I can look forward to continual improvement and growth, ideals that I feel align with the mission of MST. The front office staff make every student introduction incredibly comfortable, a testament to all of their behind the scenes work getting to know the students as well as the tutors. I am excited to be part of such a unique and growing company.”

“Working at MST has been a wonderful experience across the board. It has kept my medical knowledge fresh during my doctoral research and helped me improve both my time management and communication skills. As someone with only informal teaching experience prior to starting at MST, the tutor mentorship program has helped me grow into an excellent teacher by providing a perfect balance of guidance to help me build and refine my skills with the freedom to explore what works best for my individual students. With the support from MST, I always feel confident in my ability to help my students reach their academic goals. Being a part of the MST team has made tutoring one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences of my medical education thus far.”

“I have worked for MST for 3 years now; starting from my 4th year of medical school and now into the heart of residency and it has been an extremely rewarding experience. During my 4th year of medical school it was a great way to stay sharp and earn some extra money with all the down time. While residency has been busy, I've found a few hours of tutoring every week keeps me sharp on my pathophys and uptodate on latest medicines and recommendations in medicine. The most rewarding aspect I did not anticipate were the tremendous vertical relationships I've built with students from Step 1->Shelves->Step 2 and Residency Consulting. It has prepared me to be a mentor to other young physicians in the future and has made me a better or more great full mentee myself."

We've got big plans, and big plans require big brains.

Big brains and bigger hearts working in different capacities, but toward this singular goal: transforming medical education. Whether you're tutoring a student from your kitchen table or answering a call in our New York office, you (brain, heart, and all other essential organs) are helping people achieve their dreams.


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